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Crainn na hÉireann, Ireland’s Native Trees

Ireland’s Native Trees are taking center stage at the National Botanical Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9! Immerse yourself in a breathtaking journey through “Crainn na hÉireann, Ireland’s Native Trees” – a botanical exhibition by the Irish Society of Botanical Artists (ISBA). If you’re a nature lover, an art enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of Ireland’s native trees, this is an exhibition you won’t want to miss. The ISBA has extended an open invitation for all of us to immerse ourselves in a world of vibrant colours, delicate strokes, and the intricate beauty of these trees that are so deeply woven into Ireland’s landscape and culture. From the enchanting Birch to the elegant Rowan, the ISBA invites you to delve into a world of… Read more

Finnis Scott Foundation

The application process is open for the £10,000 Botanical Art Prize, awarded biennially by the Finnis Scott Foundation. The Finnis Scott Botanical Art Prize is intended to support and promote collaborative botanical art projects in the UK and Ireland. The prize is awarded biennially. It is aimed at groups and organisations which go beyond their day- to-day activities and recognises those which have helped to raise the profile of botanical art. Projects might include: a new education programme, the development of an existing course, an exhibition, publication, event or collaborative project. Eligible for the £10,000 prize are UK and Irish regional and national botanical art societies, florilegium groups, independent courses, and other community organisations which teach or promote botanical art. The winners in 2022 were the… Read more

medieval stamps for France

Congratulations to SBA Fellow Florence Gendre who has designed another postage stamp for France! This is the seventh stamp for the wonderful “Métiers d’art” series, after Jeweler / Leatherworker / Ceramist / Crystal cutter / Bookbinder / Luthier. This stamp celebrates the work of medieval illuminators. “After extensive and fascinating iconographic research, it was challenging to adapt the know-how of medieval illuminators to that of the engraved stamp. I took back my Ecoline pens and inks, brushes and gouaches and above all OOOOR!!! What a pleasure to return to all these techniques that I no longer practiced. Multiple versions were necessary to harmonize all the philatelic products offered by Philaposte: stamp, sheet, souvenir, philatelic document and cancellation stamp.” The stamps will be launched this week… Read more

SBA DLDC Course 21

The deadline for the next SBA DLDC (Distance Learning Diploma Course) which will be Course 21, is drawing closer. It’s the 30th of September so there is still time if you are interested in joining the course. The information about the course can be viewed on the society’s website here –…/distance…/ – See here some of the stunning work from graduates on Course 18. Patricia Gherase DipSBA (Dist) Caroline Buckley DipSBA (Dist) Vicky Hallam DipSBA (Dist) @vickyhallamdesigns

ASBA 26th annual international exhibition

Coming up in September is ASBA’s annual exhibition, held at Marin Art and Garden Centre, Ross, C.A. There are many SBA members exhibiting this year; congratulations to Yoona Chea, Hyunjin Cho, Mary Crabtree, Antoaneta Denkin, Christiane Fashek, Sora Han, Tammy McEntee, John Pastoriza Piñol, Anne Pieussergues, Alice Rosa, Liz Shippam and Julia Trickey. The dates of the exhibition are September 17th to November 26th.

Helga Hislop FSBA

We’d like to extend a tribute to Helga Hislop, a talented botanical artist and founder member of the Society of Botanical Artists. She captured the essence of the wild flora of the British Isles with her beautiful compositions of found objects and botanical subjects. You can view her wonderful work at her website here: