Welcome to the Society of Botanical Artists website.

The Society of Botanical Artists became a registered charity in 1995.
Its aims are:

  • To advance the education of the public by promoting the appreciation of  botanical art
  • To provide facilities for the exhibition of work by artists who practice this genre of art
  • The evaluation and awarding of qualifications to practicing, and those seeking to become, professional artists
  • To promote the protection, appreciation, conservation and nurture of plants and natural habitats of plant life with special reference to endangered species.

Established in 1985, by Suzanne Lucas, The Society of Botanical Artists brings together artists of national and international repute.
With so much emphasis on environment, portraying the plants that are so vital to our planet and restorative to our souls, our mission is to promote the skills of artists using a varied range of media who all excel in their ability to portray botanical forms in an accurate, unique or interesting way.

“To incorporate more recent techniques and styles in a broader interpretation; combining the scientific and representational, giving a rich and varied view of the wonderful world of plants.”

Suzanne Lucas, Founder President 1915 – 2008