Blooms, blossoms and blackmoor bounty

Sheryl Pape SBA Fellow has a solo exhibition on now at Gallery 30, Petersfield in Hampshire – on until July the 17th.  The opening night was attended by William Selborne of Blackmoor Estate, who allowed Sheryl to study the trees at his orchards and provided Gospel Green cider which is made by the Champagne method. There were also musicians playing during the evening and it all went extremely well. William, himself made a short speech about the Blackmoor Estate produce and bought a painting of the ‘Delsanne ‘pear which is a round pear that he grows in his orchard and particularly likes.
Sheryl is now working on cherries that are ready for picking this time of year and has created an exhibition that is centred around Blackmoor Estate, with some of the Butterflies found near and some of the people connected to the area including:
   The late Steven Povey who was a local woodman, horticulturist and botanist that lived and worked in the area, made studies of the Arum and many other species in the Hampshire Hangars over the course of his life. He showed Sheryl many of the rare plants and their secret habitats in this area. They found many rare plants and butterflies together. His son gave Sheryl many (almost all ) of his old botanical books and some of his studies. She is in the process of sorting them into some kind of order.

There is a connection to a Romany man who lives in Selborne called Peter Ingram who was quite happily designing his headstone so that he could admire it before he is no more! The emblem is of the Pied wagtail and the Black Worcester Pear.  The Pied wagtail is the sign that a gypsy is near, and The Black pear is his birthplace. He is still living in Selborne. Sheryl has dedicated a painting to them and included photos of them at the exhibition which is on until 17th July. If you’re in Hampshire, be sure to have a visit.