Graduation of Course 19

Congratulations to all the students on the DLDC’s Course 19 who have completed their journey through the course. The evening event took place at the Mary Ward rooms in Russell Square, London where the graduates were presented with their diplomas.

The award winners from the course were:

Frances Stanhope – Award of Excellence gaining 95.82%

Nikki Kazmar – Jantien Burggraaff Award to the student who made the most progress.

Ellie MaCaulay – Margaret Stevens Essay Prize

Some of the diploma pieces are on show in our online DLDC Gallery here.

Award winners from the DLDC graduates in Plantae 24 were:

Alison Walsingham for her diploma assignment piece Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis

Olga Akimtseva for her diploma assignment piece Peonies and Irises

María Casares  for her diploma assignment piece Juglans neotropica