Yumi Henderson

An announcement from our Co President Billy Showell redarding Yumi Henderson:
SBA Fellow Yumi was a bright up and coming star of the botanical world, she was on the cusp of becoming a Fellow of the SBA when she suddenly passed away.
The SBA council decided to award Yumi a posthumous Fellow membership to recognise her devotion to the art and celebrate her talent.
I knew Yumi well and considered her a trusted friend so her loss has truly shaken me, she was so young and had so much talent still to show us. She was determined and yet humble about her achievements. Many of us caught up with Yumi at the annual SBA shows where she was much loved. We hope you will agree that Yumi was well deserving of Fellow membership as her work represents some of the best of what we do. We will miss her sweet nature and stunning creations.
Billy Showell Co/PSBA