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Part of a series of watercolors depicting insect architecture using plant materials. Watercolor con hand-tinted paper to simulate aging.

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Vietnamese native plants

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Alison DouglasImage 1

Helleborus 'Anna's Red'
Camellia japonica 'Gwenneth Morey'
Rhododendron 'Cilpinese'

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Holdfast was created to celebrate the vast array of lichens and bryophytes that can colonise and cohabit even the smallest of twigs. This drawing depicts a 1cm square sample size on a bit of branch I found on the forest floor in Scotland.

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The small tree (approx 7ft) was created during first hand observations sitting below its branches on a community bench. I was fascinated by its ridged and furrowed bark that grows farrowed by age. The tree, I imagine, was planted as an ornamental shrub providing shelter and shade. I have spotted many larks and goats close to this tree.

Sarah GardnerImage 1

Artocarpus altilis, Breadfruit – SBA Diploma Portfolio submission for Part 3 - A study of Fruit of Vegetables.
January 2023

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I bought a bot of beautiful blue hydrangea and planted in our garden. Abundant blooms in beguiling colours in the following year, however the blue colour was replaced with pink.
Only then I learnt:
Alkaline soil - pink hydrangea
Acidic soil - blue hydrangea
My next job - turn the soil from alkaline to acidic
My next hydrangea - a blue bloom

Lee MinjinImage 1

I started dawing this work beacause l felt sad that pine tree vegetation was decreasing due to climate change.

MiYeom LeeImage 1

It was difficult to draw pine needles, but it was fun to draw.
The wooden pillars were also fun.

Judy MorrisImage 1

The Flat Sea Holly, Eryngium planum, has striking grey-blue-green bracts surrounding the inflorescences, drawn here in coloured pencil with touches of graphite pencil at approximately 10 times life size.

Amelia GrassImage 1

Botanical study of the Pedunculate Oak, Quercus robur. Includes details of seasonal foliage, male and female flowers and fruits.

Prerna GuptaImage 1

Ficus religiosa (commonly called peepul) often takes root in the nooks and crannies of a tree's trunk and eventually grows around it to strangle the host tree. Pictured here is the Dalbergia sissoo which gave the peepul space to grow but will eventually die because of this.

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Hege Gjerde SviggumImage 1

This illustration is made for a flora of native Norwegian plants. The illustration should show the characteristic of the Tataxacum officinale grown wild in Norway. illustration is drawn 1:1.

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The work took part in the exhibitions in Moscow organized by

Ro BancroftImage 1

Part of 'Connections with Nature' an exhibition of Rare and Endangered Plants of Ballarat and Surrounds 2022

Roger DaviesImage 1

A compositional study of British Wild Flowers, part of an ongoing series.


This one is about beautiful and famous Queen of Sweden roses by David Austin.
These roses that I love a lot because it was first raised while moving a rural house and growing a flower bed.
The cup is perfectly beautiful and the colour begins as soft-apricot pink, gradually changing to pure soft pink over time. The scent is elegance and adorable, making the way I pass lovely.
When I drew this, I was able to enjoy working on it.
It was the first time to draw a plant grown by my hand, so I was quite concentrating happily when I do this art work.

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My first painting done during the pandemic after a break of nearly 15 years. A large piece painted with of joy of painting again after such a long break and with optimism despite the ongoing lockdowns.

This is a painting of Paeonia 'Coral Charm', captured it as the flower has fully opened and as the coral colour is fading.

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