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Sabrina Sang hui YuImage 1

The sunlight flowing through the texture of the petals was expressed.

Sora HanImage 1

The roses that had just begun to wither looked pathetic and beautiful. The vivid pink petals, faded pink petals, and scratched petals were combined to give a richer feeling.

Hyojung KimImage 1

Chinese Holly, 2020

Baroque ANARCHISTImage 1Image 1 Detail

The artwork Eden was inspired by the reading about the biblical garden Eden where humans were immortal.

Jae-young KimImage 1Image 1 Detail

It is a native Korean plant, and it is expressed academically by observing the ecology for a year.

Cheryl McCaffreyImage 1Image 1 Detail

To me, there is nothing like the first flowers that bloom after a long, cold winter and these little pops of purple bring me so much joy. In the spring, these tiny crocus fill fields in the Arnold Arboretum next to snowdrops and it's like they are singing (lead education director, Sarah Roche, suggested the clever and apt title, "The Supremes.") This was part of my final project (total of 6 paintings) for the CBA at Wellesley College Botanic Gardens.

Antoinette LuchessaImage 1Image 1 Detail

Acer macrophyllum, Lobaria pulmonaria, Neckera douglasii, Thuja pilcata. This composition was inspired by specimens found on a walk in a local forest. The leaves are made of two different types of papers, painted with watercolors and embellished with colored pencil. The lungwort is a third type of paper that has been emossed to create the typical indentations and textures of lungwort. It was painted with acrylic paint. The moss was made with thread and the cedar twig out of paper, wire, acrylic paint and colored pencil.

Penny KaufmanImage 1

This painting of a Camellia from my garden is in my journal that I have been working on for the last two years. It shows the deep green gloss of the leaves with droplets of water. Each work has been executed to the very best of my ability. I would not call this a sketch book. My small garden is full of inspiration.

Paula de la CruzImage 1Image 1 Detail

This drawing is part of a series called Roots, Modified in which I illustrated different modified root plants.

Annie ChenImage 1


Alan TaylorImage 1

Growing in our garden from a roadside cutting.

Marianne HazlewoodImage 1Image 1 Detail

A. cilliatum is quite diminutive, very upright and slim, its structure and elegance stood out to me as many Arisaema can be quite stocky and sturdy. I chose to promenade the plants across my page in various stages of inflorescence development to show how tightly wrapped the foliage and inflorescence are and how they unfurl and open out.

Kristine RapohinaImage 1Image 1 Detail
Anneli FriskImage 1

Flower portrait of Trifolium pratense. Commission for PostNord. The Scandinavian post company.

Catherine HallidayImage 1Image 1 Detail
Henny HerawatiImage 1

This orchid has an unique labellum that nodded.

Shimmi KohImage 1

Jujube is one of popular fruits for traditional tea and desert in Korea. In autumn jujube show the beautiful changing color on its skin. I'd like to express the luxury of harvest.

Simeï SnymanImage 1Image 1 Detail

Also known as Black Eyed Heronsbill. Loaded with charm, this long-blooming plant forms a low tuft or mound of ferny olive-green leaves. Orchid-like flowers appear from late spring through to the fall, in a pale pink with purple veins and purple blotches on the upper two petals, shade with deep violet-black spots or eyes. One of the hardiest Heronsbill species. Foliage is said to be fragrant. A cousin to the familiar Cranesbill Geraniums.

Agita KeiriImage 1
Maureen NewellImage 1

This hydrangea was part of a beautiful bunch of flowers, given to me by my brother and sister in law, on my 60th birthday on 25th October 2021. I loved it so much, I decided to include it in my submission to The SBA for Fellow Membership.
I love to paint subjects that have a meaning to me, and this was very personal.

Cristiane de MeloImage 1

This is a Scientific Botanic Watercolour made from the live species.

Allium cepa - Amaryllidaceae
Moulin du Roy Paper 300g/m2
100% cotton

Sophie Kruijssen (artist name Crossart)Image 1Image 1 Detail

A commission piece for a local wine maker, who grows this variety of vine - one of the oldest types in the region (since the Romans).
The commissioner is deeply familiar with this species, and specifically requested me to show the rich colour transitions of the leaves and berries, as they turn dark in September. He suggested to designate the variety as “Chenopodia” based on historical sources, and requested the inclusion of the local coat of arms in the painting, which I incorporated as a tag in the same way his father and grandfather tagged their vines and fruit trees.

Mercedes Castellano-GarcíaImage 1

Work requested by Botanical Garden Viera y Clavijo as part of a project about polinitation at the macaronesian archipielago (Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands, Cabo Verde) . Navaea phoenicia is a very endangered specimen.

Susan Fuller
Susan FullerImage 1
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