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The peony flower is large and colorful, but it has a noble beauty.
The peonies I drew are bright and elegant in color.
It is light pink. Not dark but never light
There is no beauty. I love the elegance of this flower
I tried to express myself well. of two
The harmony of the colors of flowers and leaves was also eager to be expressed.

Hilde OryeImage 1

This is the first work of a series on garden plants and weeds that function as hostplants to butterflies. Starting point is what I see in my own garden and surrounding area. The purpose of this series is to entice people to let weeds have their place in the garden as well. Weeds can grow perfectly in harmony with the regular garden plants. I believe that both are valuable to the biodiversity and if more garden owners would do this, then all the gardens combined would become one big nature reserve.

Anuradha Sarin KhuranaImage 1Image 1 Detail

Growing in pockets of the Aravalli Hills, India, Boswellia is part of a 3.2 billion year ecosystem.
A rapidly declining habitat threatened by illegal mining, groundwater toxicity and desertification - old growth Boswellia are now unusual to find.
This painting is part of my ongoing project in observing this tree through the seasons. Accessibility to the trees is extremely difficult due to thorn growth, non existent trails and leopards. Additionally, lack of information about the Aravalli Boswellias is part of the many challenges faced by me in documenting this plant.

Angelina CheongImage 1Image 1 Detail

Hoya pubicalyx. Instead of graphite, I decided to use the fine liner pen in warm grey for the leaves in the background. As luck would have it, a Mourning Gecko (Lepidodactylus lugubris) was spotted lounging in one of the umbels. Perhaps after a feast of the nectar?

Betsy BarryImage 1

This subject was from a simple crabapple tree found along my walk. The branch had broken off after a windstorm and I was lucky enough to find these little beauties!

Hyunjin ChoImage 1Image 1 Detail

It is easily distinguishable and shows many growing variations with different monstrous shapes. The stems slowly branch from the base, forming irregular mounded clumps with more than 50 heads. There are several and variously shaped and sized crested forms.
Stems: Rubbery textured green, some only a few centimeters across, the plant looks more like a strange totem or some marine creature than a Euphorbia.
Ribs: Irregularly shaped, with flattened edges and long pointed tubercles.
Spines: Few normal spines are located mainly on the upper part of the tubercles.

Izabela Wolska-KuśmiderImage 1
Yoona CheaImage 1
Jackie GwytherImage 1

Each spring I am in awe of the Magnolia and its fleeting moment of impossible beauty. The flowers can last for a couple of weeks but a harsh frost can snatch them away in an instant. Ballerina is a slice through a Magnolia x loebneri ‘Ballerina’ tree. The eye is led up and down a branch of pure white star-shaped flowers, their purity accentuated by the deep blue of the sky.

Lisa HookerImage 1
Janine TrottImage 1

A botanical study of the pomegranate featuring seed, flower, and fruit. I appreciated the complexity of drawing the arils inside the fruit, and the many tones and hues found on the skin of the fruit.

Christiane FashekImage 1Image 1 Detail

scale is 6x the original specimen; depicted dry
Latin and Common names:
Ramalina americana (Sinewed ramalina ribbon lichen), strap-like with shallow apothecia, contracts and furls when dry
Punctelia sp. (too young to be identified) Genus recognizable by color, ruffles and edges
Quercus fusiformis (Texas live oak) substrate

Li LiImage 1
Nataliia SvistunovaImage 1

I was inspired to create this picture by my grandmother's cucumbers. Every summer I spent with my grandmother, and cucumbers remained in my memory – green, prickly, bright and very beautiful.

Charlie DaviesImage 1Image 1 Detail

Printed on 50 x 50cm paper

Sabrina Sang hui YuImage 1

The sunlight flowing through the texture of the petals was expressed.

Sora HanImage 1

The roses that had just begun to wither looked pathetic and beautiful. The vivid pink petals, faded pink petals, and scratched petals were combined to give a richer feeling.

Hyojung KimImage 1

Chinese Holly, 2020

Baroque ANARCHISTImage 1Image 1 Detail

The artwork Eden was inspired by the reading about the biblical garden Eden where humans were immortal.

Jae-young KimImage 1Image 1 Detail

It is a native Korean plant, and it is expressed academically by observing the ecology for a year.

Cheryl McCaffreyImage 1Image 1 Detail

To me, there is nothing like the first flowers that bloom after a long, cold winter and these little pops of purple bring me so much joy. In the spring, these tiny crocus fill fields in the Arnold Arboretum next to snowdrops and it's like they are singing (lead education director, Sarah Roche, suggested the clever and apt title, "The Supremes.") This was part of my final project (total of 6 paintings) for the CBA at Wellesley College Botanic Gardens.

Antoinette LuchessaImage 1Image 1 Detail

Acer macrophyllum, Lobaria pulmonaria, Neckera douglasii, Thuja pilcata. This composition was inspired by specimens found on a walk in a local forest. The leaves are made of two different types of papers, painted with watercolors and embellished with colored pencil. The lungwort is a third type of paper that has been emossed to create the typical indentations and textures of lungwort. It was painted with acrylic paint. The moss was made with thread and the cedar twig out of paper, wire, acrylic paint and colored pencil.

Penny KaufmanImage 1

This painting of a Camellia from my garden is in my journal that I have been working on for the last two years. It shows the deep green gloss of the leaves with droplets of water. Each work has been executed to the very best of my ability. I would not call this a sketch book. My small garden is full of inspiration.

Paula de la CruzImage 1Image 1 Detail

This drawing is part of a series called Roots, Modified in which I illustrated different modified root plants.

Annie ChenImage 1


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