Trip to Lindley library

During this year’s Plantae exhibition, we organized a special trip to the RHS Lindley Library to see their amazing botanical art collection. Organised by SBA Fellow Pamela Taylor, a small group of DLDC students and SBA fellow members were given a special tour and a talk by RHS art curator Charlotte Brooks.
With over 30,000 pieces to look after, representing nearly 400 years of botanical art, Charlotte is always busy but she kindly showed the visitors artwork by past masters such as Franz Bauer and Pierre-Joseph Redoute, as well as contemporary masterpieces by the late Pandora Sellers.
The Lindley Library is always adding to its vast collection, and our little group was shown recent purchases such as a watercolour by SBA Fellow Jackie Isard, pen and ink scientific artwork from Esmée Winkel and a beautiful sketchbook by SBA Council member Rui Jiang.
Charlotte Brooks talked about the different artists and their paintings, and what criteria the RHS Lindley Library is looking for to acquire certain paintings. The group was also invited to have a look at some very old hand-coloured books and original prints on paper or vellum.
The Lindley Library in London is one of the oldest Library of the RHS and it holds world-renowned collections of early printed books, the archives of the RHS, botanical art collections and modern books on the history of horticulture, botanical art and practical gardening.
Did you know that the upper reading room provides access to a lending library and free public exhibition area? The lower research room is a treasure trove of reference and heritage collections but is accessed by advance appointment only.
The little group of SBA students and Fellows left feeling inspired and very appreciative. Thank you Charlotte and Pamela!!

The trip was such a success that we plan to organise more trips like this for Fellows and DLDC students over the next year.