Young Botanical Artist Competition

The Shirley Sherwood Collection has set up a Young Botanical Artist competition. There are still a few months left until the deadline of 30 April 2023. ⁠ The theme is trees and the top prize is the chance to win up to £750 and have your work exhibited at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery in Kew Gardens from September. More information about the competition: Artwork: Úrsula Romero, ‘Giant Leaf Poplar Tree’ (Populous x Canadensis), 900 x 1260, Watercolour.

Shirley Sherwood Collection

Congratulations to SBA Fellow Jackie Isard, whose beautiful painting of Cardamine pratensis has found a new home in the Shirley Sherwood Collection! From Shirley Sherwood’s Facebook page: Jackie has done such a magnificent job at capturing the delicate flower here, with detailing of the separate components of the plant at the foot of the page. The painting was part of a series of wildflowers and their pollinators which she displayed at the RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show this year, with which she impressed the judges and won a gold medal- well done Jackie! It’s wonderful to have Jackie’s work in the Shirley Sherwood Collection and we can’t wait to see what she paints next. Artwork: Jackie Isard, ‘Cardamine pratensis with Anthocharus cardemines’, 280 x… Read more

Naturally Brilliant Colour

This promises to be a very exciting exhibition! Opening on 17th May at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery at Kew, ‘Naturally Brilliant Colour’ offers visitors the chance to experience colour like never before! Recently scientists have discovered how to recreate Pure Structural Colour, the dazzling bright colour found on plants and insects. Botanical artist Coral Guest was then invited to create the first botanical artwork using technology to accurately reproduce the brightest colours seen in the wild.The exhibition will also explore the role of colour in the natural world, and how artists have depicted the brightest shades through the ages, as well as giving visitors an insight into how this new technology could be used in the future. For more info visit the link here:…/naturally-brilliant-colour…

Shirley Sherwood collection

Shirley Sherwood is keeping busy during the lockdown at her home; She is going to be filmed telling stories about all 1,020 paintings in the Shirley Sherwood Collection. The videos will be posted on her website so be sure to tune in and find out more about her wonderful collection. The beautiful painting of a winter bonsai is featured first, and is called Chinese Elm Bonsai (Ulmus Parvifolia) by Jeannetta Van Raalte. You can find more details on the Shirley Sherwood website here at: You can catch up on the videos via Facebook too, with the link below. Shirley Sherwood on Facebook