New Book – The Whole Story

A new book by Christina Hart-Davies SBA Fellow, will be published in September. ‘THE WHOLE STORY – painting more than just the flowers‘ is the second in the Botanical Portfolios series from Two Rivers Press, following Julia Trickey’s Botanical Artistry. It showcases work from Christina’s long and parallel careers in botanical art and botanical illustration. She explains why she is passionate about particular subjects, and shares some of her working practices. While illustration work often requires plants to be shown in perfect detail and in isolation, in her exhibition work Christina loves to show the plant growing, or with its associated wildlife, or at different stages in its life, or even to hint at the folklore it has attracted. She looks at plants from the scientific, aesthetic and cultural angles –… Read more

Jonathan Cooper Gallery

We are really excited to see that SBA Fellow Fiona Strickland’s fabulous exhibition at the Jonathan Cooper Gallery is also online! What a visual treat!Fiona says “I am often asked how long it takes to complete a painting. To create the quality and sought-after jewel like finish in these works; the answer is, ‘a long time’. Hours, days, weeks and months; sometimes just for one painting. Setting the pace is all important; it has to be steady and consistent, and progress is always slow. It may take several hours or days to realise just a few centimetres and it can’t be rushed; each minute stroke has to be applied with extreme accuracy and is especially difficult with intricate linear patterns. I apply the paint with… Read more

Synergy 2020

Pamela Taylor SBA Fellow, has an exhibition of artwork, ‘Synergy 2020’ opening this week at The Old Court in Windsor. The exhibition runs from July 20th- 1st September.…/even…/synergy-2020-art-exhibition Trees, flowers and buildings require very different approaches from the artist.   As a botanical artist I usually depict flowers life size and work directly from the live specimen.    In contrast a tree or building has to be reduced immensely in order to fit the page.   To draw the proportions accurately I use a photograph and ruler or proportional dividers to map out the main structure.  For trees detailed observation of how the leaves and twigs are held enable me to capture as much of the character of the particular tree as I can with the aim that… Read more

Bees and Botanicals

Another exhibition that is opening this week is ‘Bees and Botanicals’ by SBA Fellow Louisa Crispin, at the John Davies Gallery at Moreton-in-Marsh, 17th July -15th August.Louisa’s delicate and sensitively rendered drawings of plants and insects can also be seen online- So do take a look..

Jonathan Cooper

In September 2020 leading botanical artist Fiona Strickland SBA Fellow will be holding her second solo show with Jonathan Cooper, Chelsea. The exhibition (which will feature 18 paintings and will be Fiona’s first since 2016) is dedicated to the vibrant and fragile beauty of the tulip, portrayed in the challenging medium of watercolour on vellum. Read this excellent press release here. It’s sure to be an amazing show, so one for the diary. Visit