Nature becomes Art 2.0

“Nature becomes Art 2.0” – Botanical Art by Katja Katholing-Bloss at Museum Bayerisches Vogtland, Hof – Germany from 24 March – 07 May 2023 Katja Katholing-Bloss from Hof/Bavaria is one of the few representatives of “Botanical Art” in Germany. Since 2019 she has been a fellow member of the SBA where she currently serves on the council. As her solo exhibition at the Museum Bayerisches Vogtland, Hof in Upperfranconia in November 2020 was only accessible for a few days due to the second Corona lockdown, the time has now come for the new edition of the exhibition to take place from 24. March 2023. In “Nature becomes Art 2.0”, deceptively realistic images of blossoms, fruits and leaves can be discovered, which enchant with their attention… Read more

The Hidden Renaissance Garden

SBA Fellow Sue Hénon has a wonderful exhibition “The Hidden Renaissance Garden. Painted by Sue Hénon” at the Museum Stadt Miltenberg, Bavaria from March 18 to June 19, 2022. She will be giving a talk about Botanical Art on Saturday 11th June at 14:00 followed by a tour of the exhibition. Above the Miltenberg City Museum, on the well-known Miltenberg market square is a hidden gem: a reconstructed Renaissance garden. The design of the garden is based on the bourgeois gardens of the early modern period and is historically documented. In the spring and summer of 2022, the garden will be brought into the museum with an exhibition featuring the botanical illustrations and paintings by artist Sue Hénon. On display are the plants typically planted… Read more