ASBA – 23rd Annual International

ASBA’s 23rd Annual International is now open; Saturday, September 5th 2020. This year ASBA’s exhibition returns to Wave Hill which is a public garden & cultural center overlooking the Hudson River & Palisades. The 46 artworks exhibited were selected from a field of 178 entries. It’s wonderful to see some SBA Fellows included in the exhibition, and they are Gaye Grossman, Liz Shippam and Tammy McEntee. Congratulations to all exhibitors. Visit this link to find out more:

Jonathan Cooper

In September 2020 leading botanical artist Fiona Strickland SBA Fellow will be holding her second solo show with Jonathan Cooper, Chelsea. The exhibition (which will feature 18 paintings and will be Fiona’s first since 2016) is dedicated to the vibrant and fragile beauty of the tulip, portrayed in the challenging medium of watercolour on vellum. Read this excellent press release here. It’s sure to be an amazing show, so one for the diary. Visit


Eleven botanical artists from Russia, Belarus, Slovenia, Germany and the United Kingdom are excited to present their first group exhibition in Europe. The exhibition is organised by Anna Suprunenko (SBA Fellow) and Tatiana Gart (SBA Open member). The exhibited works reveal the variety of the Plantae kingdom as well as the connection between plants and people through art. Each painting tells one-of-a-kind story of a plant’s life, captured with skill and passion. The show features watercolour artworks and sterling silver jewellery made out of real plants. The range of exhibited subjects includes wild and garden flowers, alpine flora, blossoming trees, and mushrooms. The vernissage will take place on July 14 at 19:00 in the KreativRaum Gallery at Riemergasse 2, Vienna, Austria. A Facebook event page… Read more