Peter Scott Gallery Event

There is a special event day coming up this Saturday, June the 9th, at the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University. Martin Allen with his exhibition talk and tour 11am-12noon and Sarah Morrish chatting about Fieldwork & Research Techniques for Botanical Artists 2-3pm. It will also be your last chance to see the Botanical art Worldwide exhibition for England and Wales, which closes later on the same day. Gallery of SBA artist paintings at Lancaster University  

In Ruskin’s Footsteps

The Botanical Art Worldwide exhibition for England and Wales opened on the 18th of May. It is showing now until June the 9th at the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University. There are forty beautiful paintings depicting our native flora, including two by our new president Billy Showell. Exhibiting SBA members are Roger Reynolds, Polly O’Leary, Margaret Fitzpatrick, Julia Trickey, Gaynor Dickeson,  Ann Swan, Claire Kathleen Ward, Pamela Taylor, Joanna Craig McFeely, Christina Hart Davies,  Gillian Geary, Anne Girling, Helen Cavalli and Christabel King FSBA. Be sure to visit this stunning exhibition organised by the Association of British Botanical Artists. Here is a link to the Participating Artists