Flora of Southeast Asia

The Flora of Southeast Asia exhibition organised by the BASS, Botanical Art Society of Singapore has now opened and will be on until the 15th of February. There are a few Fellow artists from the SBA that are exhibiting including Deborah Montgomerie, Henny Herawati, Icka Gavrilla, and Sunanda Verma Widel. There are a few DLDC graduates also including Waiwai Hove, and Angelina Cheong. We wish the show every success, it looks amazing.

Colchester & Ipswich Museums

Guy William Eves, SBA Fellow, has been working to complete the last of four pictures for a specific exhibition with Colchester & Ipswich Museums. – The four drawings are of historic trees in Christchurch Park, Ipswich. Two Chestnuts, both now in the permanent collection of Colchester & Ipswich Museum, one Oak and the oldest tree in the park, a Yew which is over 600 years old. – They are part of an exhibition called Landscape Rebels at the Wolsey Gallery, Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich. The exhibition also includes works by Constable, Monet and Turner and is on until 16 April 2023. Collectively you’re looking at some 900 hours of work over 4 years as the yew took 300 hours. – For more information visit – cimuseums.org.uk… Read more

Shirley Sherwood Collection

Congratulations to SBA Fellow Jackie Isard, whose beautiful painting of Cardamine pratensis has found a new home in the Shirley Sherwood Collection! From Shirley Sherwood’s Facebook page: Jackie has done such a magnificent job at capturing the delicate flower here, with detailing of the separate components of the plant at the foot of the page. The painting was part of a series of wildflowers and their pollinators which she displayed at the RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show this year, with which she impressed the judges and won a gold medal- well done Jackie! It’s wonderful to have Jackie’s work in the Shirley Sherwood Collection and we can’t wait to see what she paints next. Artwork: Jackie Isard, ‘Cardamine pratensis with Anthocharus cardemines’, 280 x… Read more