SSBA exhibition

If you’re in Scotland this month at all be sure to visit the Scottish Society of Botanical Artists annual exhibition. It is now open at the Lillie Gallery, Milngavie, Glasgow. Open 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Presidents Welcome

It was with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation to become the current president of this wonderful society. I have been a full member since 2001 and have enjoyed all the exhibitions through the years. It was a passion to become a member of the society and in time I was accepted. I, like many painters, suffer from sometimes feeling unworthy but I do believe that if one feels inadequate then one is constantly trying to improve and progress. I love all plants and spend most of my time painting and investigating the plant world. There is so much to learn about this fragile earth and through painting plants one can see and learn so much more; the pattern of growth, the delicate veining,… Read more

ASBA exhibition

The 21st Annual International exhibition run by the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA) and Wave Hill opens on Saturday the 8th of September, at the New York Public Garden. Julia Trickey SBA has a painting showing there.