How is artwork selected for the exhibition?

Some artists will be disappointed that their work was not accepted by the selection committee this year for inclusion in our exhibition ‘Changing Seasons’.  We are unable to give feedback to individual artists about each piece of work but felt it would be helpful to give you the following information. The exhibition space is always very oversubscribed.  In other words we always have far more paintings submitted than we are able to accept.  This year has been no exception.  The standard of botanical artwork is extremely high and we accept work of the very highest standard.  This applies both to the work of members and non-members.  The selection committee is made up of 6 experienced and senior members of the Society; they vote independently of… Read more

The Midsummer Garden

Celebrate The Midsummer Garden Botanical Art Exhibition with artwork from SBA members Sandra Wall Armitage, Christine Flintham, Brenda Green, Amber Halsall, Helen Hanson, Alister Mathews, Marion Perkins, Janie Pirie, Roger Reynolds, Gael Sellwood, Billy Showell and Julie Whelan.