Shirley Sherwood Collection

Congratulations to SBA Fellow Jackie Isard, whose beautiful painting of Cardamine pratensis has found a new home in the Shirley Sherwood Collection!

From Shirley Sherwood’s Facebook page: Jackie has done such a magnificent job at capturing the delicate flower here, with detailing of the separate components of the plant at the foot of the page. The painting was part of a series of wildflowers and their pollinators which she displayed at the RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show this year, with which she impressed the judges and won a gold medal- well done Jackie!

It’s wonderful to have Jackie’s work in the Shirley Sherwood Collection and we can’t wait to see what she paints next.

◾️Jackie Isard, ‘Cardamine pratensis with Anthocharus cardemines’, 280 x 390mm, watercolour on paper.

📍See Jackie’s work on the SSC site: