This is a brand new initiative for our Fellow members starting this year. Applications open 15 August 2024 via our website and the closing date is 7 October 2024. The successful applicants will be informed at the SBA December Christmas Zoom meeting.

The grant money can be used for:

  • Creating a body of work (art materials, subsistence, research, travel etc.)
  • Creating an exhibition of a new or existing body of work
  • Creating a book on botanical art, botany or any other relevant education subject
  • Costs of transporting a body of work for purpose of display (e.g. RHS)
  • Creating artwork that promotes conservation of habitat or species
  • Education- promoting an appreciation for botanical art through subsidised teaching/workshops

Click the link below to view our expert Judges for the Grant:

SBA Fellow Grant Judges


Terms and Conditions

  1. The size of the award fund is in the region of £10,000. How the fund is divided among recipients and distributed in any given year is at the SBA Council Members discretion.
  2. The Award is for SBA Fellows only.
  3. Applications must be made online through the SBA Grant application form.
  4. Images submitted as part of the application process should be high resolution, in JPEG format and each individual image should not exceed 5 MB in size.
  5. Images must be the work of the applicant and labelled with the name of artist, title of the painting, medium, size (H x W cm), year of completion. Poor quality images may affect the outcome of the application.
  6. By applying for the SBA Award you consent to the SBA using your name and the images and text you have submitted in the promotion (and not for any other purpose) of the Award on the SBA website, social media, in print and online articles, or in other promotional material.
  7. There is no application fee for the Grant.
  8. Five independent judges will decide the recipients of the Grant and the amount given to each proposal.
  9. The decision of the judges will be final.
  10. To ensure fairness, no member of the current Council will be allowed to apply.
  11. A clear timeline of the project must be given with a set completion date.
  12. The artist must agree to report back to the SBA every six months with a brief update as to how the project is progressing.
  13. A compulsory final report must be returned on completion of the project to demonstrate how the SBA funds have benefitted the artist and show good use of members money. These reports may be published to ensure transparency over use of SBA funds.

So that you can prepare, this is an example of the application form
The actual application form will be available online and sent as a link on August the 15th.