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8th International Botanical Art Exhibition – Korea

The Botanical Art Agency of Korea is inviting all artists in the world to show their beautiful artworks in this international exhibition. The focus is not only on the botanical artworks alone but on the interchange between the artists as well. The call for entries is happening through the whole month of March. For more information, here is a PDF to download ……The 8th International Botanical Art Exhibition

Konstanz Exhibition

There is an exhibition on now in Konstanz in Germany about ‘Ernst Kreidolf und die Pflanzen’. He was born in Bern in 1863 but worked in Germany, he died in Bern in 1956. He was a painter, illustrator of children’s books – with plants being the central focus.  He also wrote poems and was a botanical artist contributing to Floras.  If anyone is in the area it is well worth a visit and is on until 17th of April. For more information click here

Ellas Ilustran Botánica

An exciting exhibition of botanical art, Ellas Ilustran Botánica, opens on February 11th at La Casa de las Ciencias de Logroño, Spain. The exhibition presents the work of 50 female botanical illustrators from the 16th century to the present, revealing the relationships between art, science, and gender. More than 200 reproductions of botanical works in different formats, such as drawings, engravings, photographs, sculptures, paintings, and books, highlight the contribution of women in both the scientific and artistic fields. Visitors to the exhibition can see work by female masters such as Maria Sibylla Merian, Elizabeth Blackwell, Ellen Hutchins, and Beatrix Potter, as well as work by many well-known contemporary botanical artists, including some of our SBA Fellows- Marta Chirino, Billy Showell, Shevaun Doherty, Deborah Lambkin and… Read more