In House Awards

The first batch of our Plantae 2021 in-house awards:

The Presidents Choice Award: Artist – Sarah Caswell
The Joyce Cuming Presentation Award – A legacy from Joyce Cuming: Artist – Tammy McEntee for ‘A bevy of bumpy beauties’
Margaret Granger Award – For the best work or body of work by a member elected in the last two years:
Artist – Anne Pieussergues
Joanna Craig-McFeely award – a true botanical piece of work: Artist – Reinhild Raistrick for ‘Paeonia lutea‘
Suzanne Lucas Memorial Award– outstanding service to the society: Artist – Penny Stenning – for outstanding service including many years on the council and fulfilling many roles.
Vintage Paper Company Awards – 2 winners each receive a £100 voucher
1. Best use of paper (using the properties of the paper) in any medium: Artist – Anneli Frisk for ‘Pears and Pineapple’
2. Best design on paper: Artist – Janie Pirie for Damson ‘Fairleigh’