Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony for Course 13 was held at the Art Workers Guild in London on Saturday, 19th May. Family and friends looked on proudly as Diplomas were awarded by Course Director Simon Williams. Students from all over the world enrolled on the course: the UK, Hong Kong, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, Italy, South Africa, Japan, the USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Portugal and Belgium.

The Award for Excellence for the highest achievement on the course at 98.35% went to Sunanda Widel. This was the highest mark ever received on the DLDC courses since Course 1.
The Diploma Portfolio Achievement for the highest marks for the three Diploma pieces also went to Sunanda Widel.
Jantien Burggraaff Memorial Award for the most progress throughout the duration of the course went to Donatella Leonardi, and the two Essay Awards went to Julia Kilvert and Ros Purkis.
Of the 37 students who completed the Course, ten achieved Diplomas with Distinction, 14 received Diplomas with Credit, nine achieved a Higher Pass and four received a Pass.

Many congratulations to all our DLDC graduates!