Foundation Membership (formerly called Open membership)

The SBA has redefined its new level of membership. Foundation membership is aimed at those interested in botanical art, in particular practising artists. However we consider this membership is primarily an intermediary step for members that are inspired to proceed to Fellowship. Specifically, we hope that our former students and to those who are aspiring to be practising botanical artists apply for this membership in order to move forwards the Fellowship qualification should they so wish.

A Foundation member will be required, as a minimum, to have an interest in, and a love of, botanical artistry. This will need to be demonstrated via our rules which are set out below. Additionally, expertise and competence in, or the recognition of, artistic creativity will be recognised when consideration is given to an application.

You can join us to be a Foundation member at any time for a period of one year. An applicant is required to pay a joining fee and will become a member to enjoy the following benefits below, which are the same as Open membership.
Foundation members are bound by the Society’s Code of Conduct.

(Changes: Life Friend members will continue as before but benefit from all Foundation membership benefits, Friends category will be replaced by Foundation membership.)

Rules of Process/Criteria

  • Students having successfully completed the DLDC will be accepted as a Foundation member for the first year after graduation. It is hoped that they can use this year to consolidate their learning from the diploma and to use the opportunity to consider how they might develop themselves further as an artist.
  • Other applicants will be considered on merit. Whilst this class of membership is open to all, in reality we want to encourage everyone to be the best they can, whether they pursue the appreciation of botanical art, or are planning to develop their artwork towards achieving Fellow membership in the future, or are somewhere in between.


  • Exhibition: up to five works at a submission fee of £18 per work (all work is subject to selection)
  • Commission on exhibition sales of 35% for work up to 75cm on the longest side and 40% for 75cm or more (to receive this benefit you must be an Open member within the month that precedes any of our open shows and membership cannot be back dated)
  • Our Welcome magazine (printed), all about the Society featuring illustrations from our Fellow members.
  • Winter magazine (printed) a celebration of our year in art and the achievements of our members
  • Spring & Summer downloadable magazine featuring artwork, articles, tutorials and other items
  • Regular email news
  • The opportunity to attend exclusive paid study events
  • Can provide a stepping stone towards Fellowship

Subscription fee

UK based members: £65 pa; outside the UK: £80, (higher to cover additional postage costs), you can join at any time, with renewals every 12 months from signup date.

You will need to have an active email address in your own name and to keep the membership secretary advised of any changes to this or other contact details.