Shape Pattern Structure 2016

The Society presents a more contemporary title for the exhibition in 2016 but don’t be confused: nature throws up an abundance of shapes, patterns and structures within the plant kingdom.  The variety of each of these elements is astounding and all are designed to suit a specific purpose: habitat, climate, survival or propagation.  We hope you will be inspired to look at plants in a new light as these three words portray important aspects of botanical art and nature’s diversity.

The 2016 exhibition video is ready to view below, featuring a short speech by Sandra Wall Armitage at the opening and lots of the beautiful artwork that was on display.
A credit for the video goes to Grace Sutton who has just completed her 2 year course in Television and Film Production at South Essex College and was awarded a Double Distinction with merit.

If anyone is interested in commissioning or purchasing original artwork from one of our members please contact the secretary on Tel. 01747 825718 or via Email: info@soc-botanical-artists.org

Catalogue 2016 Gallery     CLICK HERE to view a selection of pages from this years beautiful catalogue, featuring images displayed in our exhibition  Shape Pattern Structure

Prize winners

 1.The President’s Award for work in media other than watercolour.
Winning Artist: Marion Perkins SBA   Work: including: Shrivelled, Curled, Crinkled: Frosted Leaves

 2.The Joyce Cuming Presentation Award: a sterling silver Almoner’s plate: The winner receives a certificate.  Winning Artist: Janet Pope SBA  Work:  including ‘Blakeney Red’ – Perry Pear Autumn Fruit

 3. Highly Commended in alphabetical order
Artists : Marta Chirino SBA   Work: Luronium natans and Callitriche palustris
Guy William Eves SBA   Work: Polystichum setiferum
Margaret Fitzpatrick SBA     Work: Primula vulgaris
EunYoung Song    Work: Helianthocerus macrogonus cv cristata
Christiana Webb SBA   Work: Kelp and Bladderwrack
Dawn Wright       Work: Landurrow’s Little Treasures

4. The Margaret Granger Memorial Silver Bowl
In memory of Margaret Granger for the best work /picture by a member elected in the last two years. The silver rose bowl will be on display during the exhibition. The winner receives a certificate.Winning Artist: Julie Whelan SBA

5. Suzanne Lucas Memorial Award This is awarded to recognise someone who has given outstanding service to the Society. The recipient receives a certificate and their name is entered into The Memorial Book.    Recipient: Margaret Stevens FSBA

 6.Great Art Award  £500.00 of vouchers donated by Great Art for the winner to choose materials/equipment from the Great Art catalogue. For an outstanding body of work
Winning Artist: Enzo Forgione SBA

 7. Derwent Award  £200.00 worth of materials/equipment to be chosen by the winner from the Derwent catalogue   For an outstanding work in a pencil medium Winning Artist: EunYoung Song

8. St. Cuthbert’s Mill Award  Watercolour paper donated by St. Cuthbert’s Mill
Winning Artist: Sarah Wood SBA

9. Strathmore Papers Bursary An award for composition. The prize is £100.00 worth of Strathmore paper chosen from their web site.
Winning Artist: Cheryl Wren SBA  Flowers of the Summer Moon
Honorable Mention
Artist: Billy Showell SBA  Seaweed Design: Pieces of dried Ascophyllum
Artist: Margaret Fitzpatrick SBA  Work: works on vellum:
Artist: Sharon Fox  Work: Dried Pineapple & Young Cardoon
Artist: Gillian French SBA   Work: Heart, Club, Diamond, Spade
Artist: Yvonne Collard SBA   Work: Spring Arrived All at Once
Artist: Rita Featherstone    Work: Helleborus – The Beauty Beneath
Artist: Liz Shippam     Work: Grapes ‘Madresfield I & II
Artist: Cheryl Fountain    Work: Chili Fiesta
Artist: Sue Wickison SBA    Work: Chinese Windmill Palm
Artist: Susan Christopher-Coulson VPSBA   Work: ‘Sweetheart’ Cherries & Autumn Blaze

Certificates of Botanical Merit  Works selected by an independent judge for their botanical accuracy. This year’s judge is Lucy Smith.  The recipients receive a certificate.
Artist: Margaret Fitzpatrick SBA     Work: Primula vulgaris
Artist: Elizabeth C Hellman Assoc SBA       Work: Spider Chrysanthemum ‘Lola’
Artist: Polly O’Leary SBA     Work: Echeveria cante inflorescence
Artist: Sally Jane Perrin SBA    Work: A Ray of Autumn Sunshine
Artist: Beth Phillip SBA      Work: Sarracenia psittacina
Artist: Billy Showell SBA     Work: Seaweed Design: Pieces of dried Ascophyllum
Artist: EunYoung Song     Work: Helianthocerus macrogonus cv cristata
Artist: Richard Tratt SBA    Work: The Long Wait: Trichocerus in flower
Artist: Heidi Venamore    Work: Acanthus mollis
Artist: Christiana Webb SBA     Work: Bhutan Pine Cones

 10. The People’s Choice Award
 An anonymous donation of £100 for the favourite picture in the exhibition as voted for by visitors.
Billy Showell SBA with the work Passion for Peonies