Plantae 2024

Plantae 2024 online. The exhibition opened on 1st June and is on until the 30th June. The award winners are listed below. The catalogue will be available to purchase soon in the shop.

The exhibition is online this year as we are planning an extra special exhibition next year – Plantae 2025, marking our 40th anniversary and Ruby celebration, which will be held at the Mall Galleries from 26 May to 8 June 2025. We will have all 3 galleries and a longer period of 10 days, as well as some extra special prizes.

There is also a Gallery for the DLDC students and graduates too that you can visit here.

SBA AWARDS – Congratulations to all of our winners

John Waterman Awards 

1st prize – John Stansfield for Bit of an Old Tree

2nd prize – Carlo Batistella for Platycerium XX

3rd prize – Valeria Brambilla SBAF for Opuntia ficus-indica

Certificates of Botanical Merit – CBM’s 

Mary Crabtree SBAF for Quaking Aspen
Melinda Edstein SBAF for Sausage Tree – Kigelia africana
Christiane Fashek SBAF for On the Turn
Sarah Gardner SBAF for Terminalia catappa
Yeonuk Kim SBAF for Pisum sativum
Yunjeong Kim SBAF for Magnolia kobus
David Reynolds SBAF for Banksia serrata
Hege Gjerde Sviggum SBAF for Taraxacum officinale
Lynne Uptin SBAF for Anigozanthos hybrid ‘KPMASQ’ Masquerade Kangaroo Paw


Best Graphite – Kelly Bassett for Flying seed

Ink – Claire Leroux Daublain for Brassica oleracea var. sabauda

Ink – Hyunjin Cho SBAF for Pachypodium lamerei

Most innovative composition – Martine Haaitsma-Oosterom for Betula pendula

Contemporary Botanical Art – Svetlana Lanse SBAF for Tenderness

Composition – Jonanda Kannemeyer for Rockets After the Fire

Depiction of Wild Flora – Alessandro Infuso for Selezione di Orchidee di Rocca Saben

Depiction of Wild Flora – Hilde Orye SBAF for Flora of Bredene – Lizard Orchid

Inspiring Use of Colour – Caroline Buckley DipSBA(Dist) for Late Summer

Watercolour – Dianne Emery for Castanea sativa – Chestnut

Watercolour – Geumhee Choi SBAF for Hemerocallis ‘Rosy Returns’

Watercolour – Leda Turner SBAF for Broccolo Splendido

Watercolour – Patricia Gherase SBAF for Savoy Cabbage – Brassica oleracea var. sabauda

Watercolour – DLDC Gallery – Alison Walsingham DipSBA(Dist) – Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis

Watercolour – DLDC Gallery – Olga Akimtseva DipSBA(Dist) – Peonies and Irises

Oils – Ines Hermione Mulford SBAF for Polytrichum commune

Mixed Media – Annie Chen SBAF for Nepenthes x ventrata (Acrylic and colour pencil)

Coloured pencil – Alice Rosa SBAF for Dancing

Coloured pencil – Hyun jung Kim SBAF for Heloniopsis koreana

Coloured Pencil – Sora Han SBAF for Torch Ginger

Coloured Pencil – DLDC Gallery – María Casares DipSBA(Dist) – Juglans neotropica

Artist’s Chosen Medium – Inna Chesniuk for Scarlet Berries in pastel

Artist’s Chosen Medium – Tracy Byatt for Taraxacum officinale – Dandelion – Sculpture

Artist’s Chosen Medium – Linda Lunnon for Backlit beauty – Scratchboard

Artist’s Chosen Medium – Nick Mcmillen SBAF for Stelliferous Era – Allium in charcoal

On Vellum – Isabel Mischka SBAF for Larix

On Vellum – Izabela Wolska-Kusmider SBAF for Stanhopea