Plantae 2023

Plantae 2023 at the Mall Galleries had 186 artists and 366 accepted submissions. There were two new awards to complement our others, the John Waterman award with a top prize of £750, a second prize of £500 or a third prize of £250, and the Jackson’s Art award with a £100 voucher prize. See the full list of winners below…

We also had a range of very successful demonstrations with SBA members including Shevaun Doherty, Billy Showell, Amber Halsall, Rui Jiang and Guy William Eves.

Visit the exhibitions information page to read up on exhibiting with us, it has information for overseas artists about framing and VAT.

Our stunning catalogue is now available to buy in the shop.

SBA AWARDS – Congratulations to all of our winners
(numbers in the catalogue)

Faber Castell Award for coloured pencils  – Prize: 120 Polychromos coloured pencils

Dianne Frank SBAF for body of work (67-80)

St. Cuthberts Mill– Best use of paper in watercolour – Prize: 20 sheets Saunders Waterford HP paper

Toni Dade SBAF for Pod V (43)

William Cowley Parchment and Vellum Makers judged by Paul of WCVPrize: voucher for vellum goes to Lauren Lusk for Helleborus (195)

Vintage Paper Company judged by William of VPC – Prize: Handmade sketchbook goes to Julia Asenbaum SBAF – Corydalis sp. (6)

Making A Mark Award judged by Katherine Tyrrell – Charlie Davies SBAF  (body of work) £100 

Joyce Cumming Presentation Award -For a beautiful botanical piece – Heesoon Baik SBAF for  Prunus  (7)

Margaret Granger Memorial Silver Bowl – Best Artwork for member elected in the past two years- Isabela Wolska Kusmider SBAF for Wet Autumn Leaves (354 – 357)

John Waterman Awards judged by Helen Allen and Charlotte Brooks
1st prize of £750 – Guy William Eves SBAF for Yew Tree (67)
2nd prize of £500 – Christina Mucha DipSBA(Dist) for Mulu, Essence of Borneo (225)
3rd prize of £250 – Carolyn Jenkins for Graptosedum ‘Francesco Baldi’ (147)

Suzanne Lucas Memorial Award in Recognition of Services to the SBA – Pam Henderson – Course administrator

The Presidents Award – Mary Anne Aytoun Ellis for Oak (66)

Jackson’s Art Prize judged by Helen Allen and Charlotte Brooks for best use of materials winning a £100 voucher – Verity Clark for A Fyne View (30) 

Certificates of Botanical Merit – CBM’s judged by Lucy T Smith

Christina H Davies SBAF for Autumn Hedgerow (51)
Sandra Doyle for Hankerchief Tree(53)
Melinda Edstein SBAF for Firewheel (58)
Alexandra Gorchakova SBAF for Zea mays ‘Glass Gem’ (107)
Nicole Kazmar for Carica papaya ‘Maradol'(156)
Eunhee Park SBAF for Artichoke(244) and Crataegus viridis ‘Winter King'(245)
Dorte Pedersen for Blackcurrants (250)
Julie Whelan SBAF for Passiflora caerulea (347)
Sue J Williams SBAF for Hellebores (351)


Inspiring Use of Colour – Yoona Chea SBAF for Red Maple (23)

Inspiring Use of Colour – Suha Kim SBAF for Physalis alkekengi (161)

Most innovative composition – Janice Gazetas SBAF for Canna Lily (102)

Best Graphite – Katy Bennett DipSBA(Dist) for ‘Charlie’s Sunflower’ (9)

Best Graphite – Guy W Eves SBAF for Yew Tree (67)

Contemporary Botanical Art – Julia Asenbaum SBAF for Aristolochia salvadorensis (6)

Depiction of Wild Flora – Christopher James for ‘Forget me Nots’ (144)

Depiction of Wild Flora – Louise Gammage for ‘A few of my Favourite Things’ (86)

Watercolour – Liz Shipman SBAF for Madresfield Court grapes (285)

Watercolour – Fiona Wheeler SBAF for Black Mission Figs (345)

Ink – Pamela Taylor SBAF for the body of work (310 – 313)

Oils – Ginny Page for Broken Tulips (241)

Coloured pencil – Melinda Edstein SBAF for Callistemon citrinus (56)

Coloured pencil – Yeonuk Kim SBAF for Sacred Lotus (165)

Artist’s Chosen Medium – Charlie Davies SBAF for Fabulous Ferns (46)