Plantae 2022

The SBA open annual exhibition Plantae 2022 was our first live exhibition since 2019. It was held at the Mall Galleries in London and showcased the incredible work of botanical artists far and wide.

You can browse the catalogue here and it is also on sale now in our online shop.

SBA AWARDS – Congratulations to all of our winners

Faber Castell Award  – Prize: 120 Polychromos 

Sandra Doyle – Fading Away, Veteran Beech in Epping Forest

St. Cuthberts Mill– Best use of paper in watercolour – Prize: 20 sheets Saunders Waterford HP paper

Sheryl Pape SBAF- Iris in the Sunlight

William Cowley Parchment and Vellum Makers – Prize: £75 voucher for vellum

Youngran Choi SBAF- Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens’

Vintage Paper Company– Suha Kim SBAF, Phoenix dactylifera #1

Prize: Handmade VPco Agate Burnisher (value £145)

Making A Mark Award-Inês- Hermione Mulford  (body of work) £100 

Joyce Cumming Presentation Award -For a beautiful botanical piece 

Agita Keira SBAF – Hornbeam

Margaret Granger Memorial Silver Bowl – Best Artwork for member elected in the past two years- Lynne Uptin SBAF, Banksia grandis 

Joanne Craig-McFeeley Rose Bowl- 

True Botanical Piece of Work – Guy William Eves SBAF, Caraway 

Suzanne Lucas Memorial Award in Recognition of Services to the SBA- Billy Showell PPSBA and Gael Sellwood PPSBA 

Presidents Award – Suha Kim SBAF, Phoenix dactylifera #1

Certificates of Botanical Merit judged by Lucy T Smith

Katy Bennett DipSBA – Romanesco 

Penny Brown SBAF – Coltsfoot

Pauline Brown SBAF- Rosa canina 

Shevaun Doherty PSBA- Pinguicula grandiflora, Large Flowered Butterwort

Sandra Doyle- Fading Away, Veteran Beech in Epping Forest 

Agita Keira SBAF- Hornbeam 

Maryna Kyselyova-  Milk Thistle 

Eunhee Park SBAF- Cactus, Thelocactus rinconensis ‘Britton and Rose’ 

Claire Kathleen Ward PSBA- Red Marsh Orchids, Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp. coccinea at Ynyslas 

Pauleen Trim SBAF- Sambucas nigra, Common Elder

Chris Thorogood SBAF- Pitcher plants and orchids on Mount Kinabalu, Borneo


Inspiring Use of Colour- Edwina Keene, Brassica

Inspiring Use of Colour- Youngran Choi SBAF, Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens’ 

Most innovative composition- Julia Patience SBAF.  Acanthus spinosus 

Best Graphite-Katy Bennett DipSBA – Romanesco 

Contemporary Botanical Art- Sian Tillott, Magnolia in bloom at Kew

Depiction of Wild Flora- Penny Brown SBAF, Coltsfoot

Depiction of Wild Flora- Sheila Etchingham SBAF, Suffolk Shingle Street Coastal Walk

Watercolour- Anna Suprunenko SBAF, Tulipa ‘Mysterious Parrot’ 

Watercolour – Maryna Kyselyova Tulipa ‘Shining Parrot’ 

Ink- Maryna Kyselyova, Milk Thistle 

Oils- Chris Thorogood SBAF, Pitcher plants and orchids on Mount Kinabalu, Borneo

Coloured pencil – Eunhee Park SBAF, Pincushion Protea 

Coloured pencil -Seon Jeong Lee SBAF – Dracaena arborea

Coloured pencil -Seon Jeong Lee SBAF – Coconut Tree

Artist’s Chosen Medium- Josie White SBAF, Sambucas, Elderberry