Plantae 2019

The exhibition of work by elected members and artists selected from open submission covered everything from botanical illustration to botanical art, jewellery to printmaking.
400 pieces of exquisite art were shown at the Mall Galleries in London, our first time exhibiting there. It was on from the 5 to 9 June 2019 and had plenty of visitors, all complementing our new venue.
All artwork was for sale and folios (unframed originals) and specialist books were available to buy.

During the exhibition there were two art demonstrations by Distance Learning Course tutor’s, Janie Pirie – coloured pencil and Shevaun Doherty – watercolour on vellum.


In House Awards

The President’s Choice for work in other media
Artist: Libby Carreck SBA; Workthe body of work including Night Garden

The Joyce Cuming Presentation Award
A legacy from Joyce Cuming: a sterling silver Almoner’s plate: The winner receives a certificate.
Artist: Lidiya Doukhnevitch;  Work: The Secret World of Potatoes

 The Margaret Granger Memorial Silver Rose Bowl
In memory of Margaret Granger for the best work /picture by a member elected in the last two years. The silver rose bowl will be on display during the exhibition. The winner receives a certificate.
Artist: Jackie Isard SBA;  Work: Faded Protea neriifolia

Suzanne Lucas Memorial Award
Since 2016, this award has been given for outstanding work and services carried out for the SBA. The recipient receives a certificate and their name is entered into the Memorial Book.
RecipientSandra Wall Armitage PPSBA

Joanna Craig McFeely Rose Bowl
Artist: Charlotte Ricker; Work: Magnifolia grandiflora

Certificates of Botanical Merit
Works are selected for their botanical accuracy by an independent judge. The recipient receives a certificate. This year we were delighted to welcome back Lucy T Smith as judge.

Recipients in alphabetical order:
Artist: Sandra Doyle;  Work: Ficus carica
Artist: Angie Gray SBA;  Work: Aloe arborescent
Artist: Agita Keiri;  Work: Horned Melon
Artist: Maryna Kyselyova;  Work: Winter Cardoons
Artist: Nina Mayes;  Work: Iris pseudacorus
Artist: Michelle Eun Young Song; Work: Monkey Puzzle
Artist: Anna Suprunenko;  Work: Calypso bulbosa
Artist: Claire K Ward SBA;  Work: The Hawthorn at Gilfach

Exhibiting Excellence Awards
New awards for 2019.
For the most inspiring use of colour Artist: Cheryl Fountain
For inspiring use of colour – Artist: Julia Patience SBA
Most innovative composition- Artist: Billy Showell PSBA
For excellence in media- Watercolour Artist: Elaine Searle SBA
For excellence in media- Watercolour Artist: Victoria Braithwaite
For excellence in media- Oils Artist: Madeleine Davenport
For excellence in media- Graphite Artist: Guy William Eves SBA
For excellence in media- Ink Artist: Pamela Taylor SBA
For excellence in media- Coloured pencil Artist: Hae Ryun Lee
For excellence in media- Coloured pencil Artist: Su Jin Park
For excellence in media- 3D Artist: Susan Mills
For the most contemporary example of botanical art- Artist: Mark Welland
For the depiction of wild flora or fungi- Artist: Des Maxwell Clark

Commercial Sponsors’ Awards

Great Art Award
£500.00 of vouchers donated by Great Art for the winner to choose materials/equipment from the Great Art catalogue. For an outstanding body of work
Winning Artist: Maggy Fitzpatrick SBA; Work: Body of work

Derwent Award
£200.00 worth of materials/equipment to be chosen by the winner from the Derwent catalogue
for an outstanding work in a pencil medium
Winning Artist: Elizabeth Coventry; Work: Body of work

St. Cuthbert’s Mill Award
Watercolour paper donated by St. Cuthbert’s Mill
Winning Artist: Janice Gazetas; Work: Wisteria

Strathmore Papers Bursary
An award for composition and the prize of £100.00 worth of Strathmore paper is chosen from their web site.
Winning Artist for colour: Richard Tratt SBA
Winning Artist for graphite: Yvonne Gemmel

Artists & Illustrators Award
A new award for use of colour. The recipient receives a subscription of 13 issues of A & I.
Artist: Julia Aserbaum; Work: For the body of work

Cass Art
A new award where the recipient receives a box of watercolour paints
Artist: Agita Keiri; Work: For the body of work

The Peoples’ Choice
Voted on by visitors to the exhibition and is counted and announced after the close of the exhibition.
Artist: Nina Mayes; Work: Iris pseudacorus