Changing Seasons 2017

This year saw a major change in our exhibition schedule; Changing the season from Spring to Autumn.

We also had some brand new and inspirational evening events during the exhibition.
‘An audience with an Artist’ took place over several evenings with individual SBA members demonstrating their crafts; from oil painting and bold watercolours to drawing with inks and paper collage.

‘How to be a botanical artist’ was another evening event where you could meet several artists that are inspired by plants and who bring botany to life through their beautiful work. Each artist had their portfolio of works and talked about their life as a working artist.

The credit for the video goes to 2nd year student Grace Sutton currently studying film and television production at Ravensbourne University London.
Song: Cinematic Piano. Music by AShamaluevMusic. Music Link: https://youtu.be/6Sq5Y2HzF1c

In House Awards

The President’s Choice
Artist: Marie Burke  Work; the body of work including Oriental Poppy

The Joyce Cuming Presentation Award
A legacy from Joyce Cuming: a sterling silver Almoner’s plate: The winner receives a certificate.
Artist: Bridgette James SBA; Work: Allium christophii

Highly Commended in alphabetical order
1  Artist: Shevaun Doherty SBA; Work: Prunus domestica ‘Victoria’
Artist: Sandra Doyle; Work: The 4,000 year old Cyprus of Abarkuh, Sarv-e-Abarkuh
Artist: Penny Gould SBA; Work: Euphorbia amygdaloides ‘Purpurea’
Artist: Christiana Hale Webb SBA; Work: Turning Leaves
Artist: Yumi Henderson Dip SBA; Work: Fuchsia ‘Irene Stinton’
Artist: Svetlana Lanse; Work: Capsicum annuum
Artist: Roger Reynolds SBA; Work: Quercus robur – Pendunculate Oak
Artist: Julie Whelan Dip SBA, SBA; Work: Couroupita guianensis – Cannonball Tree

 The Margaret Granger Memorial Silver Rose Bowl
In memory of Margaret Granger for the best work /picture by a member elected in the last two years. The silver rose bowl will be on display during the exhibition. The winner receives a certificate.
Artist: Pamela Taylor SBA; Work: Body of work (a variety of trees in pen & ink)

Suzanne Lucas Memorial Award
Since 2016, this award has been given for outstanding work and services carried out for the SBA. The recipient receives a certificate and their name is entered into the Memorial Book.
Recipient: Ken Henderson

Certificates of Botanical Merit
Works are selected for their botanical accuracy by an independent judge. The recipient receives a certificate. This year we were delighted to welcome back Lucy T Smith as judge.

Recipients in alphabetical order:
Artist: Giovanni Cera; Work: Pinus halepensis
Artist: Shevaun Doherty Dip SBA (Dist), SBA; Work: prunus domestica ‘Victoria’
Artist: Timothy Draper Assoc SBA; Work: Daisy Meadow
Artist: Sharon Fox; Work: Flowered Teasel
Artist: Christiana Hale Webb SBA; Work: Turning Leaves
Artist: Jackie Isard; Work: Vessels of Life
Artist: Bridgette James SBA; Work: Allium sphaerocephalon
Artist: Carmen Lyons Assoc SBA; Work: Begonia Leaves
Artist: Su Jin Park; Work: Sponge Gourd
10 Artist: Roger Reynolds SBA; Work: Rosa canina – Dog Rose
11 Artist: Pauleen Trim; Work: Changing seasons

Joanna Craig McFeely Rose Bowl
A new award for 2017, the rose bowl will be awarded for the CBM judge’s premier choice of the CBMs. The recipient will receive a certificate.
Artist: Shevaun Doherty Dip SBA (Dist), SBA; Work: Prunus domestica ‘Victoria’

Commercial Sponsors’ Awards

Great Art Award
£500.00 of vouchers donated by Great Art for the winner to choose materials/equipment from the Great Art catalogue. For an outstanding body of work
Winning Artist: Elizabeth Hellman SBA; Work: Body of work including Zinnias and Tulips in watercolour

 Derwent Award
£200.00 worth of materials/equipment to be chosen by the winner from the Derwent catalogue
for an outstanding work in a pencil medium
Winning Artist: Su Jin Park; Work: Sponge Gourd, in coloured pencil

St. Cuthbert’s Mill Award
Watercolour paper donated by St. Cuthbert’s Mill
Winning Artist: Cherryl Fountain; Work: Benton Susan and  Spring’s Lease

Strathmore Papers Bursary
An award for composition and the prize of £100.00 worth of Strathmore paper is chosen from their web site.
Winning Artist: Eun Young Song Assoc SBA; Work: Field Poppies

Honourable mentions in order of mention:

Artist: Pauline Grove SBA;Work: Pink Peonies
Artist: Elizabeth Coventry Assoc SBA; Work: Monstera deliciosa leaf
Artist: Amanda Ross; Work: Body of work 351 -354 (hand printer polyester using pressed plants)
Artist: Marjorie Collins SBA; Work: Pink Peony
 Artist: Helen Cousins Dip SBA (Dist); Work: Prunus ‘Kazan’
Artist: Billy Showell SBA; Work: Tacca chantrieri
Artist: Ann Swan SBA; Work: Paired UP! Line drawing
Artist: Christina Hart Davies SBA; Work: Summer Posy
Artist: Lynne Buckler SBA; Work: Both Silver Birch and Italian Alder
Artist: Sheila Anderson Hardy; Work: ‘Roadside Flora Going Over
Artist: Shevaun Doherty Dip SBA (Dist), SBA; Work: Prunus domestica ‘Victoria’

Artists & Illustrators Award
A new award for use of colour. The recipient receives a subscription of 13 issues of A & I.
Artist: Julia Patience SBA; Work: Transitions: Agapanthus

The Peoples’ Choice
Voted on by visitors to the exhibition and is counted and announced after the close of the exhibition.
Artist: Sandra Doyle; Work: 4000 year old Cypress of Abarkuh