Botanical Celebration 2012

Celebrations abound in 2012 in the city of London and the Society of Botanical Artists was ready at the starting line ahead of the Olympics and the Royal Diamond Jubilee with its own celebrations in April for the Annual Open exhibition: Botanical Celebration. The Exhibition celebrated plants, from those which inspire and fascinate including rare or endangered species, to the stalwart favourites and those which sustain and tempt our taste buds. There were some with Olympic aptitude for running and jumping, aquatic experts and those which fire out their seeds like pistols, even groups which, like the Olympics, wait eagerly to be torched to accomplish their magnificent performance. Also in the Exhibition were portraits of plants with royal connections, from those named after the Queen and the Royal Family to those which celebrate special events like weddings and anniversaries. The Exhibition was officially opened by Elizabeth Banks, President of the Royal Horticultural Society, who presented the awards.

Over 750 works were shown, including miniatures and three-dimensional work, and Members demonstrated their various techniques throughout the exhibition.

As part of the educational requirement of the Society’s charitable status, the Society showed a selection of work by students participating in the Distance Learning Diploma Course, now in its ninth successful year, attracting students from both the UK and worldwide.

The Society’s annual open exhibitions are held at Westminster Central Hall in Storey’s Gate, London SW1H 9NH, open daily from 11am to 5pm inlcuding Sundays. Entry is always free although visitors can purchase a beautifully illustrated catalogue as a guide. All work is for sale with the addition of top quality cards, limited edition prints and members’ books for added temptation.

SBA Awards 2012

  • The President’s Award for work in other media
    Cash prize for work in media other than watercolour
    Winner: Maureen Jordan SBA for the whole body of work.
  • The Margaret Stevens Award
    For work reflecting concern for the environment
    Winner: Marilyn Wheeler SBA for the whole body of work.
  • The Joyce Cuming Presentation Award
    A legacy from Joyce Cuming – a sterling silver Almoner’s plate.  The winner receives a certificate.
    Winner: Eiko Hamada SBA for Strelitzia nicolaiHighly Commended
    Julia Blower for Juglans regia
    Marion Perkins SBA for Cynara cardunculus in Winter
    Elizabeth Smail FSBA for Amaryllis Bulb
    Dianne Sutherland SBA for Primula vulgaris
    Simon Williams SBA for Monstera deliciosa
    Marion Wilson SBA for Japanese Anemone
  • The Margaret Granger Memorial Silver Bowl
    In memory of Margaret for the best picture by a member elected in the last two years.
    Winner: Hazel Rush SBA
  • Daler-Rowney Award
    A wooden boxed set of Daler-Rowney Artists’ Watercolours
    Winner: Jill Winch SBA for Medinilla magnifica
  • Great Art Award
    For an outstanding exhibit. The winner chooses £500.00 of materials from the Great Art catalogue
    Winner: Linda Alexander
  • Derwent Award
    For an outstanding work in a pencil medium. The winner receives chooses £200.00 of materials from the Derwent catalogue
    Winner: Sue Vize SBA for Polystichum polyblepharum
  • The People’s Choice
    An anonymous donation of £100 for the favourite picture in the exhibition as voted for by visitors
    Winner: Sarah Caswell SBA for Café Crème Irises
  • Suzanne Lucas Memorial Award
    In memory of Founder President Suzanne Lucas
    Winner: Ian Pethers SBA
  • Certificates of Botanical Merit
    Work selected by Maureen Lazarus from the Department of Biodiversity & Systematic Biology at National Museum Wales for their botanical accuracy.Mariko Aikawa SBA for Banksia integrifolia
    Gaynor Dickeson SBA for A Year in the Life of Magnolia x soulangeana
    Margaret Jones AssocSBA for Rubus fruticosus
    Asako Kuwajima AssocSBA for Malus domesticus ‘Alps Otome’
    Janet Pope for Arum maculatum
    Ann Sheppard for Ash: Autumn/Winter
    Fiona Strickland SBA for Iris ‘ Action Front’
    Ann Swan SBA for Walnut Life Cycle