Exhibiting Excellence Awards

The next batch of our awards are the Exhibiting Excellence Awards.

For the most inspiring use of colour: Seonju Park for Poppy

For the most innovative composition: Sunanda Widel for Ficus auriculata

For the most contemporary example of Botanical art: Tammy McEntee for Seasons end

Exhibiting Excellence in the depiction of wild flora:
Melinda Edstein for Firewheel tree
Vicky Mappin for Early spring meadow
Anna Dowd for Wildflower meadow

Exhibiting Excellence6 different media:
Watercolour Artists: Jane Goodson for ‘Edged Auricula’
Giovanni Cera for ‘Ficus carica – Apulian figs’
Tomoko Nakamoto for ‘Iris pseudacorus‘   

Ink Artist: Rachel Munn for ‘Solitary Farm Oak’

Gouache Artist: Nicole Oliver Pentucci for ‘Citrus x limon – Four seasons – tree of life study (ii)’

Oil Artist: Tanja Möderscheim for ‘Zilver Standaard Dutch heritage tulip’

Coloured pencil Artists: Ann Swan for ‘Solandra grandiflora
Libby Carreck for ‘After the Storm’

Graphite Artists: Anneli Frisk for ‘Hippeastrum in grey’
Guy William Eves for ‘Caraway

Watercolour and body colour on vellum Artist: For the body of work by Shevaun Doherty