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Books Written and/or Illustrated or Co-illustrated by Members of The Society of Botanical Artists

  • Christina Hart Davies SBA Fellow

    The Herbal Year: Folklore, History & Remedies

    With detailed illustrations, The Herbal Year will bring a comprehensive insight into the history and present use of plants for herbal remedies. Prepare to uncover the hidden secrets and healing potential of plants right on your doorstep, from sweet violets in spring to rosemary in winter. We expect this to be a fascinating read.

    To be published  – April 2024
  • Chris Thorogood SBA Fellow

    Pathless Forest: The Quest to Save the World’s Largest Flowers

    As a child, Chris Thorogood dreamed of seeing Rafflesia – the plant with the world’s largest flowers. He crafted life-size replicas in an abandoned cemetery, carefully bringing them to life with paper and paint. Today he is a botanist at the University of Oxford’s Botanic Garden and has dedicated his life to studying the biology of such extraordinary plants, working alongside botanists and foresters in Southeast Asia to document these huge, mysterious blooms.

    Published in March 2024 by Penguin

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  • Claire K Ward PSBA

    Drawing and Painting Fungi: An Artist’s Guide to Finding and Illustrating Mushrooms and Lichens

    This comprehensive book delves into their magical and secretive world. It includes a thorough guide to the safe collection and identification of wild specimens and explains how to draw and paint them in the field and the studio, in sketchbooks and finished artworks with line, form, texture, tone, colour and composition all in mind. With over 350 illustrations, this book is an essential companion for mycophiles, artists, illustrators and journallers, as well as all those who love nature. It is also enriched with the artwork of 17 other artists from around the world.

    Published in February 2024 by Crowood Press

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  • Penny Brown SBA Fellow

    Paint 50: Watercolour Flowers.

    Learn to paint 50 vibrant watercolour flowers in seven simple stages.

    Paint 50: Watercolour Flowers is the second title in a new beginner-friendly ‘how-to-paint’ series, following the same step-by-step formula as the mega-selling How to Draw series. This book focuses on a range of flowers, from rambling roses to elaborate orchids. This clear, large-format book covers classic cottage garden favourites to exciting exotics, ensuring that you’re sure to find your favourite.

    Published 2023 on Search Press

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  • Minju Kim SBA Fellow

    Rose Garden, Botanical Art Coloring Book

    Co-author (2022, Seoul, Korea)

    Easier Botanical Art Coloring Book (Small Garden)

    Co-author(2021, Seoul, Korea)

  • Giovanni Cera SBA Fellow

    Released September 2022

    Drawings of Spontaneous Flora – Coast of Taranto Gulf is filled with over 60 of Giovanni’s delightful illustrations of the flora and landscapes seen in the Taranto Gulf of Italy.

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  • Giovanni Cera SBA Fellow

    Released in 2022

    Wonderful examples of geometry in botanical art from palm trees to pine cones. Detailed drawings and concepts including depicting shadow on form.

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  • Sandrine Maugy SBA Fellow

    Released in June 2022

    Botanical Watercolours through the Seasons begins with a detailed introduction to Sandrine’s ethically-sourced materials and tools, her workspace and an exploration of the key techniques employed in painting botanical watercolours. Sandrine explains colour theory in relation to botanical subjects, as well as colour bias and the key to creating realistic shadows without resorting to an unnatural ‘grey’.

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  • Florence Gendre SBA Fellow

    Released in November 2021.

    It is a correspondence unlike any other, bringing together twenty-eight letters that Yves Yger, walker, storyteller, and botany enthusiast, wrote to the trees of his life. Twenty-eight letters which, from hawthorn to linden, are all encounters with a singular essence. Moved by the defeat of the boxwood in front of the devouring moth, annoyed by the chestnut which refuses to give up its heart to it, grateful to the charm for its gallant alcoves, the naturalist letter-writer depicts all the variety of relationships that unite us to the trees. Beautifully illustrated by SBA Fellow Florence Gendre, trained in botanical drawing in the galleries of the National Museum of Natural History, these letters are an ode to nature.

  • Jackie Isard SBA Fellow

    Released in March 2021.

    Colour mixing is a key skill for the botanical artist. In this practical guide, Jackie Isard explains how to observe and use colour accurately. She shows artists how to make informed choices when selecting pigments, as well as how to learn about colour mixing and its application. Detailed instruction and advice are given on understanding colour and pigments.

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  • Minju Kim SBA Fellow

    Easier Botanical Art Colouring Book (Flowers and Fruits)
    Co-author (2020, Seoul, Korea)
  • Christina Hart-Davies SBA Fellow

    Released in September 2020

    THE WHOLE STORY – painting more than just the flowers‘ is the second in the Botanical Portfolios series from Two Rivers Press, following Julia Trickey’s Botanical Artistry. It showcases work from Christina’s long and parallel careers in botanical art and botanical illustration. She explains why she is passionate about particular subjects, and shares some of her working practices.
    While illustration work often requires plants to be shown in perfect detail and in isolation, in her exhibition work Christina loves to show the plant growing, or with its associated wildlife, or at different stages in its life, or even to hint at the folklore it has attracted. She looks at plants from the scientific, aesthetic and cultural angles – to tell the whole story in fact.

    Signed copies will be available from Christina – contact her at c.hartdavies@ntlworld-com

  • Sarah Wood SBA Fellow

    Released in July 2020

    How do you paint a raindrop? I will show you how. I guide you through a step-by-step demonstration of a simple individual raindrop, followed by a detailed raindrop. Soon you will be adding raindrops to grasses, leaves and flowers, through thirteen step-by-step demonstrations. What paint, brushes and paper should you use? I will advise you. Some of the subjects covered are: Stretching Paper, Pen and Pencil sketching, Dark backgrounds and Identifying plants. Scattered throughout this lavishly illustrated book are tips and secrets to help you on your way.

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  • Julia Trickey SBA Fellow

    Released on the 21 of January 2019

    Get up close to the beauty and detail of nature through the artwork of award-winning UK artist, Julia Trickey. See how ordinary and sometimes overlooked subjects, such as leaves and fading flowers, can be centre stage and come to life in this beautiful showcase of some of Julia’s best-loved botanical watercolours.

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  • Ros Franklin SBA Fellow

    A Coming of Age – Celebrating 18 years of Botanical Painting by the Eden Project Florilegium Society
    “This book celebrates the work of the first 18 years of the Eden Project Florilegium Society, fondly called the ‘Flori’ by all its members.
    Each artist donates their time and paintings generously to the archives and the Trustees of the Eden Project, and I have never felt that words alone could thank them enough. So I have put this book together with my love and gratitude, for the very special people that I have been privileged to know and call friends during my time with the ‘Flori’.
     Ros – Chairman of the ‘Flori’ from Jan 2012 – March 2019.
    All Royalties will be donated to the ‘Flori’ once costs are met – Ros makes no profit at all from this book.
    ISBN: 978-1-909747-36-4
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    For a signed copy please contact Ros directly by email:
  • Penny Brown SBA Fellow

    Botanical Drawing
    A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Flowers, Vegetables, Fruit and other Plant Life in graphite pencils.

    Now used as a text book for the SBA DLDC.

    Released in Jan. 2018

    Search Press. ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782212607

  • Gael Sellwood PPSBA

    The Measure Of The Year: Seasons In An Artist’s Garden

    This hard cover book features about 150 paintings by RHS Gold Medal winning botanical and natural history artist Gael Sellwood. Following study in art and botanical illustration she has gone on to capture the plants and other objects from her conservation garden and the local landscape in meticulous detail on paper or vellum. The evocative text follows the seasons, month by month, and features a short technical section about painting on vellum.

    Released in 2018

  • Christina Hart-Davies SBA Fellow

    Marking the 800th anniversary of the Forest Charter, award-winning botanical artist Christina Hart-Davies celebrates our long relationship with trees. Since pre-historic times they have provided us with shelter, fuel, medicine, food and even the air we breathe. They have tanned leather, dyed cloth and made everything from cathedrals to clothes-pegs. We have told stories about them, admired their magnificent beauty and woven them into our spiritual lives. Following A Wild Plant Year, which recorded the folklore and cultural history of our native wildflowers, in The Greenwood Trees Christina looks at the history, folklore and virtues of our native trees – and a few well-known introductions too – all illustrated with her exquisitely detailed watercolour paintings.

    Released in 2018.

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  • Simon Williams SBA Fellow

    Botanical Painting with Gouache

    Botanical Painting in Gouache is full of practical advice on all aspects of using the exciting medium of gouache and contains many step-by-step demonstration paintings. In addition to the sumptuous flower paintings there are also sections on painting butterflies, birds and exotic and unusual plants from the rainforest.

    Released in 2016

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  • Christina Hart-Davies SBA Fellow

    Lavishly illustrated with Christina s vibrant watercolours, A Wild Plant Year explores the cultural history, folklore and medicinal or household uses of many of Britain s bestloved wild plants. It takes us through a country year waymarked by special days such as Easter, Mothering Sunday, Hallowe’en and Winter Solstice and features the native flowers and plants traditionally associated with each festival or season.

    Released in 2016

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  • Sue Vize SBA Fellow

    Botanical Drawing using Graphite and Coloured Pencils

    Written and illustrated by Sue Vize SBA Fellow

    • ISBN-10: 1785001590
    • ISBN-13: 978-1785001598
    • Signed copies can be requested by email to

    Publisher:  Crowood Press

    Release Date:   June 2016

  • Billy Showell PPSBA

    Botanical Painting in Watercolour

    There is expert guidance on tools and materials, working from life, observation, and drawing and painting techniques, as well as detailed sections on pattern, texture, and colour and colour mixing. With numerous step-by-step studies, close-up photographs and examples of Billy’s exquisite paintings

    Released in 2016

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  • Jill Winch SBA Fellow

    Painting Flowers

    Painting Flowers by Jill Winch – Create beautiful watercolour artworks with this step by step guide.

    Released in 2015

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  • Anna Mason SBA Fellow

    The Modern Flower Painter: Creating Vibrant Botanical Portraits in Watercolour

     In this book, she shares her innovative watercolour technique so that you can paint flowers in her clean, crisp style. The book covers every aspect of painting modern botanical-style portraits of flowers, from tips on gathering your reference to Anna’s six stage watercolour process.

    Released in 2014

  • Penny Brown SBA Fellow

    How to Draw Garden Flowers
    Search Press. 2013.   ISBN:9781844488797

    Other published work includes:

    An Illustrated Identifier and Encyclopedia: Wild Flowers and Flora
    Lorenz Books. 2014. ISBN:0754830292
    The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Butterflies and Moths
    Sally Morgan. Lorenz Books. 2012. ISBN:0754818845
    Wildlife Habitats for your Garden
    Josie Briggs. GMC Publications 2011. ISBN: 9781861088611.
    The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Insects
    Martin Walters. Lorenz Books 2010. ISBN: 0754819094
    The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Freshwater Fish and River Creatures
    Daniel Gilpin. Lorenz Books 2009. ISBN: 0754817644
    Success with Acid Loving Plants
    Graham Clarke. GMC Publications 2008. ISBN: 9781861084941
    The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Wild Flowers and Flora of the Americas
    Martin Walters and Mick Lavelle. Lorenz Books 2007. ISBN: 0754817504
    The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Marine Fish and Sea Creatures
    Amy-Jane Beer and Derek Hall. Lorenz Books 2007. ISBN: 0754817253
    Success with Roses
    Graham Clarke. GMC Publications 2007. ISBN: 9781861084644
    The World Encyclopedia of Wild Flowers and Flora
    Mick Lavelle. Lorenz Books 2006. ISBN: 0754814963
    Success with Organic Fruit
    Yvonne Cuthbertson. GMC Publications 2006. ISBN: 1861084838
    Success with Organic Vegetables
    Yvonne Cuthbertson. GMC Publications 2006. ISBN: 1861084781
    Success with Herbs
    Yvonne Cuthbertson. GMC Publications 2006. ISBN: 1861084129
    Floral Borders and Motifs
    Search Press 2005. ISBN: 1844481212.
    Wildlife Gardening
    Chrysalis Books 2005.
    The Successful Conservatory
    Joan Phelan. GMC Publications 2002. ISBN: 1861082223
    Beginners’ Guide to Herb Gardening
    Yvonne Cuthbertson. GMC Publications 2001. ISBN: 1861081987

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  • Elisabeth Dowle SBA Fellow

    Auriculas Through the Ages, Crowood Press 2011

  • Billy Showell PPSBA

    Watercolour Flower Portraits
    Billy Showell. Search Press Ltd (Jun 2006) ISBN 1844480666

    Released in 2006.

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  • Elisabeth Dowle SBA Fellow

    The Book of Apples, Ebury 1993, updated edition 2002

  • Elisabeth Dowle SBA Fellow

    The Book of Pears, RHS/Ebury 2002

  • Susan Hillier SBA Fellow

    The Complete Handbook of Garden Plants
    Michael Wright. Michael Joseph/ Rainbird ISBN 07181 23077 (Co-artist)
    Flora of Tropical East Africa
    A.A. Balkema/ Rotterdam (Prepared at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew) ISBN 90 6191 3128 (Co-artist)
    The Contained Garden
    Beckett, Carr, Stevens. Sphere Books ISBN 07221 15512 (Co-artist)
    The Organic Gardener
    Bob Flowerdew. Hamlyn ISBN 0600 57461 X (Artist for Plant Illustrations)

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  • Elisabeth Dowle SBA Fellow

    Violas and Violettas, Harper Collins 1994

  • Elisabeth Dowle SBA Fellow

    Fuchsias, Harper Collins 1994