Botanical Art Society Singapore

The Botanical Art Society (Singapore) began its journey in 2019 and now they have 60 members from Singapore, Asia, and North America. It was created by a handful of locally active botanical artists seeking to connect with other like-minded artists.  Their vision is to grow the appreciation and development of botanical art not only in Singapore but also in the region.

“We support novices and accomplished artists alike, provide workshops, share information, gain knowledge and have fun together.  During Covid lockdown, we kept active and inspired through Zoom art jam sharing sessions and postcard exchanges among our members, as well as online workshops from local and overseas instructors.

With Covid restrictions easing, we met up for on-site sketching sessions at our beautiful Singapore Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

In the fall of 2020, we had a wonderful exhibition by our members held at the Singapore Botanic Gardens entitled “Past and Present – Plants of the Singapore Botanic Gardens,” tying together current works with those of archived botanical art.

At year-end, our members contributed botanical artwork to create ornaments to decorate a tree at the Singapore Botanic Garden’s ‘Trees of The World’ event.  Our tree decorations were well received by members of the public.

A highlight this year has been the recent launch of our website, which highlights our Artist’s artwork.  You can browse it to learn more about us at”

Decorating a tree with our members’ botanical artworks at Singapore Botanic Garden’s “Trees of the World” event
Exhibition of BASS member artwork at Singapore Botanic Gardens Library, Fall 2020


Instagram: @botanicalart_singapore


Email: botanicalartsg@advithi3gmail-com