Yvonne Collard


Yvonne started painting late in life.   Having failed her ‘O’ level art examination at school, she attended a Drawing for Beginners class in 1992 and was immediately smitten.  Although wishing to learn to sketch in black and white while on holiday, a love of colour and flowers soon evolved and watercolour in particular using a wet-in-wet style from live material.  While still working as a legal secretary she was invited to submit a series of eight flower paintings for Judy Ball Cards followed by another series of eight trees for The Royal Parks of London.  Yvonne had to retire suddenly to nurse her younger daughter through terminal cancer but during that time was approached by Marks & Spencer plc which resulted in four paintings being used for Easter and Mothers’ Day cards.

Gradually Yvonne enjoyed using more detail in her work and a day with Sandra Wall Armitage, PSBA, started an exciting new direction.   In 2006 she started to attend classes in botanical art run by Roger Reynolds, SBA and now enjoys teaching and demonstrating as well as being a member of the Childwick Botanical Artists who are a spin-off group from those classes.

With Roger Reynold’s invaluable help and encouragement, she has been exhibiting in and around Hertfordshire, participating at Florum botanical exhibition in Sevenoaks, Kent since 2007 and the SBA Annual Exhibition in Westminster since 2012.   In 2015 Yvonne was delighted to become a full member of the SBA.