YoungJu Lee



At LAC and SBA, I studied Botanical Art Painting and Illustration. I have exhibited my paintings at botanical gardens and National Arboretum (Forest Museum) in South Korea and overseas. These days I am working on a project with the National Institute of Ecology (NIE) in Korea along with 20 other artists. I receive information about plants from the NIE and produce botanical paintings based on them. I will be exhibiting these paintings in the near future. I am enthusiastic about Korea’s traditions and conservation of nature. Korea has diverse plants and these days, people are documenting native plants more. Through botanical arts, I wish to raise awareness of the value and beauty of various plants.

I am interested in horticulture and enjoy observing how plants bud and bear fruits. Naturally, many of my paintings depict the lifecycle of plants. Instead of focusing on drawing the plants as exactly as it looks, I try to experiment with compositions to effectively deliver the distinctive features of each plant. It is extremely satisfying when I see people learning about plants through my paintings and, even further, interact with the plants.

  • SBA Fellow
  • Society of Botanical Artists Distance Learning Diploma Course 15, UK
  • London Art College Botanical Illustration Painting Diploma,UK

Exhibition History

ㆍNational Arboretum(Forest Museum), South Korea

ㆍSeoul Botanic Park(Botanic Hall), South Korea

ㆍSeoul Grand Park(Plant Specimen Exhibition Hall), South Korea

ㆍTaipei Botanical Garden, Taiwan etc.