Wendy Trinder


I gained my degree in botany with chemistry and zoology from Hull University in 1964 and passed my post-graduate certificate in Education in 1965. I then taught ‘O’ and ‘A’ level sciences in my old school in Twickenham.

On leaving in 1968 I joined a local painting society and a group of painter-etchers. From 1977 I painted with Edward Wesson RI. RBA. RSMA. in Phillips house in Wiltshire and also Aubrey Phillips, John Blockley RI. PS, Moira Huntly RI. PS. RSMA, Matt Bruce RI, James Fletcher Watson RI. RBA and Tom Coates RWS. PS. RBA. and regular drawing classes with Brian Gallagher PS. and Ken Paine PS.
I still paint occasionally with John Yardley RI.
Since 1981 I have exhibited regularly with local art societies and in London have had paintings accepted by the RI, NEAC, RWS and SWA and pencil drawings by the Pastel Society.

I met Suzanne Lucas exhibiting in London when she had seen flower paintings of mine and I was made a Founder Member of the SBA in 1985. I served on the committee for some years and helped with selection and hanging for the exhibitions. I was made a full member of the SWA in 1988, I then started teaching general and botanical painting and drawing at Urchfont Manor in Wiltshire on a regular basis until it closed in 2013.

I complete work in pencil, coloured pencil, ink and pastels and paint mainly in watercolour.
I love painting flowers and /or leaves due to my botanical training but also draw and paint landscapes, portraits etc.
While working on the council for the SBA I helped the development of the DLDC and marked pencil drawings from the beginning until 2014.
I still exhibit with the SBA, SWA and local societies and have won several awards in the past. In 1990 I illustrated a book called ‘Teddy Bear Quotations’ for Exley Publications Ltd entirely in colour pencil the drawings of Teddy bears!