Vincent Jeannerot



Vincent Jeannerot was born in Lyon and grew up in the Lyon countryside. At a very young age, he discovered nature during long family walks where he learned to observe plants. These moments of contemplation forced his curiosity and admiration and naturally led him to paint his discoveries. If his father passed on to him the love of nature, his mother passed on to him the love of painting. He went to the Beaux-Arts of Lyon and very quickly considered the brush as a tool. The strength and transparency of pigments enthuse him. His botanical plates quickly attracted the attention of the public and the art world.

Express bio:

Born on February 12, 1961 in Lyon. France.

Baccalaureate in art.

National school of fine arts in Lyon.

Member of the French societý of watercolor (SFA).

Member of the French Societý of Botanical Illustration (SFIB).

Member of the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA) USA.

Member of the Society of Botanical Artists (SBA) UK

Vincent Jeannerot participates in national and international exhibitions and also teaches in his own gallery, located in Lyon (France), his hometown. He has been invited to teach his botanical art internationally in countries such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan and South Korea.


Chelsea Flower Show,

London, United Kingdom.

The Art of the Garden, Grand Palais, Paris.

Garden, gardens, Paris.

Grand Marche d’Art Contemporain, Paris.

Courson Plant Days.

Festival of plants of Saint Jean de Beauregard. Deyrolle, Paris.



Portraits of Flowers. Editions Ouest-France. 2008

Aromatic plants. Eugène Ulmer-Botanic Editions. 2017

Regards. Éditions Vincent Jeannerot. 2019

Botanical gallery in watercolor. Éditions de Saxe. 2019

Botanical inspirations, self-publishing, 2022



The art of botanical watercolor with Vincent Jeannerot. N°1 End of summer. – Sept 2020

Instagram: @vincentjeannerot