Valeria Brambilla



I graduated in 2020 at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. In the academy, I was able to study botanical art and learn how to combine artistic technique and my personal sense of poetry with a strict scientific method.
I find that Botanical Art is necessary to have a critical look at reality. For me it is not just something I know and love to do, it is also a social commitment: it is showing nature through a new, aware gaze. Faced with the terrible climate change we are going through, it is essential for me to keep track of the changes that are taking place in nature and represent them.
The choice of the extra fine ballpoint pen as a tool derives from its peculiar characteristic of not allowing any erasure during the illustration process. This, unlike using a pencil, allows me to be totally concentrated and calm during my work, a fundamental attitude in order to be able to represent my subjects as realistically as possible.

In October 2023 I won the Running-Up prize in the Young Botanical Artist Competition (19-25 age category).

Instagram: vb.locusamoenus