Tomoko Nakamoto



Tomoko was born in Tokyo, Japan. She has enjoyed painting since her childhood through the influence of her mother who enjoys and loves art. Tomoko graduated from Keio University with a B.A. in literature. After working in an office, she learned traditional Japanese style painting at art school. She also learned the European style of porcelain painting and obtained a certificate as a porcelain painting expert. She worked as a teacher at the porcelain painting school in Tokyo.

In 2005 she had the opportunity to live in London with her family because of her husband’s work. There, she was attracted by the beautiful flowers in the many wonderful English gardens and explored nature in the countryside. She decided to learn botanical painting with Helen Allen. Tomoko took the SBA Distance Learning Diploma Course and fortunately graduated with a Distinction in 2009. Since returning to Japan in 2009, Tomoko has mainly concentrated on botanical painting in watercolour. She qualified for associate membership of the SBA in 2012, and was elected to full membership in 2013. Her drawings are illustrated in some flower arrangement books.

Tomoko very much appreciates all seasonal flowers and their transitions. Her admiration of the beauty and wonder of nature has always been the most significant source of inspiration to her works.  She hopes to express the beautiful complexity of the structure, the delicate colour, the sweet fragrance and the vivid impression of each flower that moves her deeply.