Tatiana Efimova



Tatiana Efimova was born in Minsk, Belarus. She started drawing and painting with watercolours from early childhood.  Tatiana graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts. For several years, Tatiana worked as a successful graphic and web designer in Belarus and the EU. During her professional life as a designer painting remained a reliable companion.

Since 2015 Tatiana has been living in Bali, where she shifted her focus to be a full-time painter. She is fascinated by the lush tropical nature and the rich culture and traditions of Bali, thus making these the theme of her body of work.

Tatiana’s first watercolour paintings in Bali were in a loose and exploratory style, mirroring the explorations of her life on the island. Ultimately, it was the plants and flowers that captured her heart and informed her direction. In 2021, Tatiana began to seriously engage in botanical painting. She is especially attracted to flowers, which she sees as having their own unique soul. The use of flowers in Balinese rituals have also made them a window into better understanding of the abstract spirituality of the culture.  Tatiana lives in Ubud, Bali and teaches botanical painting classes regularly. Tatiana also participates in exhibitions and other community events to connect and share the beauty of plants and flowers through her artwork. Her two solo exhibitions, which took place in Bali in 2022, celebrate the visible and invisible beauty of flowers that have been the passion and focus of her painting life.

CONTACT: instagram.com/tania.aquarelle.art