Tanja Möderscheim



Tanja Möderscheim is a Dutch expat in London and paints still life in 17th C style using the technique and pigments of this period, the Dutch Golden Age. She specialises in Dutch heritage tulips: she owns a large collection of 16th-19th C bulbs sourced from the gene bank, Hortus Bulborum (Limmen, Holland) which she cultivates in her garden. This results in annual series of tulip paintings. She often combines tulips with Delft Blueware, another Dutch icon – so whilst Tanja’s paintings celebrate beauty and light, behind the paintings are stories of cultural heritage and tradition.

Her background in the biological sciences (MSc and PhD) informs her painting practice today, allowing her to express detail and anatomy accurately and pay homage to the interest in naturalism in 17th century Holland.

Tanja is a regular exhibitor at open Mall Galleries exhibitions (e.g., SWA, RBA) and has been a Fellow member of the SBA since 2019. She also gives lectures (e.g., Anglo-Netherlands Society).

Technique: classical painting technique involving grounding, dead-colouring, working up and glazing. Paintings on fine Belgian linen, Italian wood panels, silver and 23ct gold.

Palette: 17th C pigments vermillion, madder lake, lead-tin yellow, stil de grain, lapis lazuli, yellow ochre, Mt Amiata burnt and raw siennas, Cyprus burnt and raw umbers and lead white.

Composition: expressing a sense of stillness, elegance and refinement.

Contact details:

Website: www.dutchoils.com

Instagram: @dutchoilsartist


07909 646317

Commissions accepted