Sumi Kim



Sumi Kim is a Korean botanical artist & illustrator who seeks to capture the enormous flow of life by observing the small details of plants. While studying garden design in graduate school, she fell in love with observing and expressing plants through art.

In order to observe the natural beauty of plants, she enjoys visiting deep valleys and mountains and stumbles upon the most beautiful features of native plants. She is not only interested in painting rare native plants, but also in creatively interpreting and drawing plants that can be seen everywhere.

She has gained awards in botanical art competitions held in Korea (Minister of the Environment Award, Botanical and Zoological Art Competition, 2017; Director of the Forest Service Award, Botanical Art competition for Korean Native Plants, 2017) and exhibited works in England and U.S.A.( Silver-gilt Medal, RHS Botanical Art show, London, 2018; 16th International Exhibition, Hunt, 2019; 22nd Annual International, ASBA, 2019).