Su Jin Park



Su Jin Park is a botanical artist who stays and works in South Korea. She studied fine art and design at university and had worked as a colourist and fashion designer in apparel companies. When she moved abroad, she got to know about Botanical Art through Billy Showell and Ann Swan, and she started painting again and has been working on it until now.

She sees that there are many patterns in plants, and that they are not uniformly standardized. She is interested in the different shapes, delicate movements, and colours of each plant. Also, she believes that all plants are beautiful, whether it’s a small bud or at the end of its life. She draws pictures with a focus on the various aspects and lives that plants have. She seeks to make plants in her artworks more natural with various colours. She often goes to the botanical garden to see plants and their diversity gives her inspiration. She will continue to draw various plants and has plans to exhibit them in the near future.

Exhibition History

2015 : Ewha Womans University Botanical Art Specialist Program Graduation Exhibition
2016 : Grand Prix in The Botanical Artist Society of Korea Competition
2017, 2018 : Invited Artists Exhibition of The Botanical Artist Society of Korea Competition
2017 : Certificates of Botanical Merit & Derwent Award in SBA Changing Seasons 2017
2019 : Exhibiting Excellence Awards (For excellence in media- Coloured pencil) in SBA Plantae 2019
2020 : SBA Plantae 2020

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