Soyoung Sin



Soyoung is a Korean Botanical Artist and the President of Korea Botanical Arts Cooperative.

She completed the Society of Botanical Artists Distance Learning Diploma Course 10


Soyoung has exhibited 30 times in Austria, China, Ireland, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom,


  • A Good Day to Paint _ Botanical Art _ Reviewed ( Seoul, Korea)
  • Emotional Botanical Art Book After Painting _ co-author ( Seoul, Korea)
  • Botanical Painting with Coloured pencils _ Reviewed ( Seoul, Korea)
  • Botanical Art with Watercolour _ co-author ( Seoul, Korea)
  • Botanical Illustration _ Reviewed ( Seoul, Korea)
  • Together Botanical Art_ co-author ( Seoul, Korea)
  • It’s not Difficult, Botanical Art _ co-author ( Seoul, Korea)


2016 –present. Botanical Art & Illustration Lecturer in Global Institute for Future Learning, Gachon University

2018 – present. Botanical Art Lecturer in Institute of Continuing Education, Yonsei University

And others


  • The 6th Botanical & Floral Arts in Bloom Exhibition _ Bronze Medal ( Dublin, Ireland)
  • Plant Illustrations : Growing, Blooming and Fruiting _ Staedtler Special Award (Seoul, Korea)
  • The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) London Botanical Arts Show 2016 _ Silver Medal ( London, UK)
  • Korean Wildflowers Challenger seen by botanical art (Seoul, Korea) _ Excellent Award (Seoul, Korea)
  • The 4th Botanical & Floral Arts in Bloom Exhibition _ Silver Medal ( Dublin, Ireland)
  • Botanical & Floral Arts in Bloom Exhibition_ Gold Medal ( Dublin, Ireland)

Collections (Private)

  • Codonopsis lanceolata (Siebold & zucc.) ( Vienna, Austria)
  • Hepatica asiatica Nakai (Vienna, Austria)
  • Pulsatilla tongkangensis Y.N. Lee & T.C.Lee ( Dublin, Ireland)

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