Sora Han



I am a botanical painter and illustrator based in Seoul, South Korea.
I loved drawing since childhood and my dream was to become a painter.
But after majoring in architecture I worked as an engineer and I still couldn’t give up drawing.
When I got pregnant in 2012, I started drawing which was my childhood dream.

I’m inspired by the colours and forms of nature that change from time to time.
I like to explore without being afraid to use various materials to express the wonderful colours that nature has created.
When I paint, I think of the whole universe in a small plant.
I want to continue to try to express my own colour with a humble attitude.

I have exhibited my paintings at botanical gardens, the national arboretum, and national institute of ecology etc in Korea and abroad.

Botanical Art Together  РCo-Author
Cactus Garden Blooming at Fingertips – Co-Author

Instagram: @artist_sorani