Sophie Crossart



Sophie is a botanical artist and illustrator who paints in watercolours on paper and vellum. She studied Art History in the Netherlands and Germany and obtained her doctoral degree in Munich. Her work is informed by her academic background in the historical depiction of everyday life and the natural world.

In our modern digital age, painting nature is her way of retaining a sense of authenticity, connection and certainty in life. At the heart of her work is her fascination for intricate natural details. She carefully observes and isolates these in paintings to capture the fulfilment we experience when we encounter something seemingly insignificant that turns
out to be endearingly beautiful.

By transferring the fleeting qualities she finds in nature to works of art, Sophie aims to turn them into lasting experiences and sources of familiarity and inspiration. By occasionally paring her botanical subjects with items from natural history she explores humanity’s relationship with the themes of change and time. Her own interpretation of “Memento Mori” advocates the experience of the beauty of life, instead of the fear of loss.
Sophie is based in Heidelberg Germany and works on both commercial as well as private commissions and collaborations.

Instagram: @sophiecrossart