Sabrina Sanghui Yu



When I draw plants, I try to capture the language they express and I interpret emotions by composing pictures in flower language and observing the state of plants The origin of the language of flowers comes from the Baroque period, for example, a yellow hydrangea means unrequited love, a peony means shyness, and ivy means friendship.
If you look at a plant, you can imagine that the leaves are beckoning for a moment, and the fluttering of the petals is talking.
As a result, I draw it on the canvas as if interpreting the language of the plant’s gestures.
It reads the emotions that plants express with their bodies and completes the work based on the meaning of the plant.
I hope that emotions will be conveyed to the audience who appreciate the work of the language of plants and that it will give them feeings of empathy, heart consolation, and mental healing.
Sanghui is a Korean Botanical Artist :
ㆍGraduate of Bachelor of Painting major
ㆍDirector of Korean Botanical Art Cooperative
ㆍGraduate of SBA DLDC 16.
ㆍSBA Fellow
Teaching place :
ㆍ2017~ Dongtan Jeil Hospital’s prenatal education Botanical Art a healing program Class
ㆍ2022~ Caritas Welfare Center Senior Academy Botanical Art Class
Book publishing :
ㆍ[Cactus Garden Blooming at Fingertips] Co-author of Essay
Exhibitions participated :
ㆍNational Arboretum(Forest Museum), South Korea
ㆍBeijing Botanical Garden, China
ㆍ5th Moscow Exhibition of Botanical Art and Illustration SABA, Russia
ㆍSeoul Botanic Park(Botanic Hall), South Korea
ㆍThe third Annual Saint Petersburg Exhibition of Botanical Art, Russia
ㆍSeoul Grand Park(Plant Specimen Exhibition Hall), South Korea
ㆍTaipei Botanical Garden, Taiwan
ㆍNational Ecological Center Exhibition, South Korea
ㆍSejong National Arboretum Cactus Special Exhibition, South Korea
ㆍBotanicalart Space-lim, South Korea …..etc.