Sabine Loos



Sabine Loos PhD is a watercolour artist who is based in Germany. She studied biology at Jena/Germany and Zurich/Switzerland. Her favourite research subject was filamentous fungi and she was always fascinated by plants.  Her botanical art journey began in Germany and led to courses by amazing tutors in Ireland and England. She is currently studying botanical illustration at the RBGE.

Plant portraits that provide a high content of information are her favorites. In her compositions, she tries to balance plant features that please her eye and present obvious information about life cycle, habitat and morphological features. She prefers native species which are found in her garden, in the surrounding woods and meadows.

Sabine’s personal heart’s desire is to revive the historical roots of botanical illustration in Germany and to see botanical art flourish there again. She is therefore a member of the board of the newly founded ‘German Society of Botanical Art’ –  Verein für Botanische Kunst Deutschland (VBKD). Many amazing German artists are involved in these endeavours. We are proud to further develop botanical art in Germany and to maintain the tradition of outstanding German artists.
Instagram: @losbine