Ro Bancroft



As a retired graphic artist, and now a botanical artist, I have found that investigating ideas, techniques and styles, with a view of developing a visual language and a consistent body of work, to be compelling.
Botanical Illustration became an area of interest in 2017 when I joined the Ballarat Botanical Art Group.  This exacting form of art depicts the form, colour and details of plant life in a very detailed manner but with an artistic component.

I have a portfolio of varied accomplishments in the art modalities of painting, watercolour, drawing, colour pencil and paper sculpture.  Future plans include combining botanical art with paper sculpture to show the structure of plant life in a much more detailed manner.

Recent exhibitions in Australia include:

‘Inspired by Begonias’ – Botanical Art exhibition – Ballarat Botanical Gardens Mar 2024
Botanica de Materia Medica Exhibition – Royal Botanical Gardens NSW 2023
Connections with Nature – Rare and Endangered Plants of Ballarat – 2022
TABI – Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens Art Exhibition 2022