Rochelle Maree



Rochelle’s love of painting plants developed during her childhood spent on a farm with native Australian bush and a beautiful garden.

In 2015, when Rochelle’s fourth child was a toddler, she commenced weekly botanical art classes at Jenny Phillip’s Botanical Art School. In 2018, one of Rochelle’s paintings was purchased for the State (Victoria) Botanical Collection. Since this highlight, Rochelle has created a home studio and increasingly, painting has become part of her everyday life. Rochelle has participated in and sold works in group Botanical exhibitions and her botanical paintings have also led her to be a finalist in the Kennedy Art Prize (2019) and the Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award (2020). Rochelle recently received an Honourable Mention at the Botanical Art Society of Australia’s Flora Exhibition (2020).

When creating botanical artwork, Rochelle endeavours to honour nature’s beautiful lines, design and intricacy of colour.  Recently, Rochelle has been working on a series called ‘One Step’ depicting the stories of nature transpiring within one foot step of nature, and during lockdown, one step in her garden. Rochelle depicts nature above and below ground level with the intent to highlight the irreplaceable beauty, wisdom and value of the natural world. Healthy, nurtured soil promotes robust root systems which is fundamental for plant, animal and human life to thrive. Concrete is devoid of such stories.